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in 2010’, examines the challenges faced by the company, the results and discusses how the study might influence me as a business manager. The case study aimed at evaluating the computing revolution of Apple Company by analyzing the various revolutionary products that facilitated the growth and popularity of the organization gradually since its inception. Other than that, the review highlights some of the challenges experienced due to rise of competition in the industry, strategies employed as well as the outcomes and speculates the future of the company through a deep financial analysis. Firstly, Apple computer was established back in 1st April 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak along with a group of college dropouts in California before Steve Jobs, the CEO by then, transforming it into Apple Inc.

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in 1996 (Yoffie & Renee 2). However, Apple adopted a new strategy to help in consolidating the alternative technologies into the PC market besides retaining its premium-based price through introduction of several products, namely iPod, iPhone and iPad. Despite the emergence of other competitors, such as Nokia, Palm and blackberry smartphones along with numerous electronics companies, Apple stood robust in regaining its brand positioning and securing market share in the technological world. The Results One of the notable outcomes of Apple Inc. is the dominance of Mac products in the modern technical world, which entrenched due to manufacture of unique products along with improved technological innovations with great user experience. The achievement of attracting large market share in the current world came because of sole proprietary and denial of sharing product license with third parties, which gave Apple an unlimited exploration of designing advanced alternative technological tools, for both hardware and software.

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