Application of Jean Watsons Theory of Human Caring to Solve the Issue of Nurse Engagement

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According to Watson the central focus of nursing practice is caring and is likely to lead to better health outcomes than the simple aspect of medical cure (Watson, 1997). According to the theory, nurses can demonstrate caring to patients because it promotes good health, it will also accept an individual as he or she is, and looks at the bigger picture of what the person may become. Watson’s model has several assumptions that can help in resolving issues in the nursing environment. Some of the assumptions by Watson are: Caring can be effectively practiced and demonstrated only interpersonally: the satisfaction of human needs should lay the basis of caring, family, health, and individual growth is promoted by effective caring, and that a caring environment provides conducive environment that will promote effective outcomes.

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The paper will provide an elaborate discussion on how Watson’s theory can be used to solve one of the major healthcare issues. Patient-centered care should be the baseline under which healthcare organizations formulate and implement their policies. Regardless of the number of steps that a healthcare organization takes to improve quality of health outcomes, their lack of willingness to improve nurse engagement may prevent them from achieving their set objectives (Pappas, 2013). The concept of engagement is common in several sectors including the corporate world and other areas of employment. Lack of engagement in these sectors is linked to poor performance and can be blamed on the diminishing morale of employees. In healthcare organization, engagement refers to nurse commitment and satisfaction with their duties.

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Healthcare organizations have a vested interest when it comes to the promotion of a culture that will ensure that employees are engaged considering that they face issues such as competition, potential shortage in staffing, and value-based purchasing (VBP). There are several ideas that have been recommended that can be implemented to ensure that nurses are engaged in their duties. Application of Watson’s theory of human caring can help in the implementation of these proposed practices. Improving nurse engagement has several positive outcomes that will help healthcare organizations perform better. Engaged nurses are more committed to their roles and are likely to exercise care in every aspect of the organization (Kirkis, 2015). Planning is the second procedure after conducting an assessment. Nurse leaders have the responsibility of making nurses embrace their working environment.

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Such an aspect can be achieved by the application of Caritas process by the nurse administration. As nurse leaders, the five attributes indicated by Nyberg (2011) which include openness, prioritization, self-worth, commitment, and ability to bring out potential focuses on the aspect of caring and can help in the streamlining of a healthcare organization. Commitment contains two components which are knowledge and interests which can help steer a nursing team. The nurse leaders could also get involved in the patient situation to have a firsthand experience (Jackman-Murphy, 2013). The above actions are indications of a caring attitude and are likely to inspire the junior workers to adopt a positive attitude in what they do. Also, openness is important for any organizational leader to get in touch with the junior workers.

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Some of the behaviors involved in openness include soliciting comments, listening, asking the right questions, and being patient when talking to the juniors. Such practices are attributes associated with caring and is likely to have a great impact on nurses. Failure to meet set objectives is a reason to re-strategize. Conclusion Jean Watson’s theory of human caring provides a clear framework on how the healthcare sector can be made to produce better results. Watson’s theory emphasizes that excellent healthcare outcomes are as a result of comprehensive elements that start with the betterment of nurses working conditions. The issue of staff engagement has gained popularity because lack of it has been linked to the high turnover of nurses and decreased the quality of healthcare.

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