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The child needs also learn the things that he is meant to learn at every stage of childhood. Therefore, there is need to come up with a program that will ensure that a child gets a valuable life at all levels of their growth. I have done m research and I came up with a plan that will ensure that all those goals are achieved for the children at all levels of development beginning from the time that they are born to their adolescence. The program that I am proposing will involve two developmental activities that will take place at every age group for five groups. One of the activity will address the physical development for the child while the other one will help with the cognitive development of the child.

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A baby gym is one of the toys that will be installed into this particular room. This asset will be placed in the room when the baby is at least six months of age. The most advantageous fact about this toy is that it is big enough for other toys to be hung on it. It is the kind of toy that will boost the development of the infant’s curiosity hence boosting the babies’ cognitive development. Here, the baby is placed at the backside and the time depending on the different occasions. We can, therefore, encourage them to learn and boost their abilities by introducing activities that encourage them to learn. Similarly, we can incorporate activities which help them to grow physically.

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Toddlers and infants develop their cognitive abilities through the motor and sensory experiences. Sorting and classifying are among the activities which can significantly help the toddlers to develop problem-saving skills. According to Child Care Help, activities that engage children in problem-solving, sorting, understanding, classifying and using information prompts cognitive development I children. We will simply get scrap wood from a garage and lay it on a beam. Toddlers also need a game which will help them to grow physically. For instance, a ball makes toddlers very happy. We can introduce a ball game for toddlers who will facilitate running and hence physical growth. For the young toddlers let's say those who just turned one year old they can be assisted by an adult in the community development center.

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At this age, they require large muscle kills which promote muscular development. Their activities at this age should help them develop their motor skills because they are capable of grasping objects. Preschooler motor skills are moderate at this age. They coordinate movements, interpret the environment and develop sensory awareness using their senses. A physical activity ideal for this age is, follow the leader-where they follow what the leader does. This game is both fun and physical. Having the children run after each other will help in their muscular development and hence physical growth. The span of attention usually dictates the span of these organized activities. Middle/Late Childhood (7-12 years) Around the age of 7 children begin to change the way they think about the world.

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They begin to develop moiré mature ways of understanding everything around them and leave behind the preschooler egocentric thinking. An example is Rummy which is very suitable for children over age eight years. The children under this age category (7 to 12 years are quite independent in physical activities. This is because their body is undergoing many physical changes in preparation for teenage years and their stability and coordination improves with time. It is therefore essential to understand them so that we can be well set to encourage their physical development. According to Nemours State Kids Health, the children under this age should undertake vigorous activities of at least 60 minutes which can be broken down into 30 minutes intervals. Similarly, physical activities help supply more oxygen to the brain and helping brain cells to recall and process information.

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