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So at to achieve ultimate success in any network, it is important to make use of a good and efficient network architecture. A complete overview of the network in place is provided by the network architecture. The administrators of this network make use of the architecture to make sure that the right protocols are followed and also the correct configurations are implemented. In the following network proposal, the implementation of the network solutions of a multiprotocol network would be analyzed. IPv4 (EIGRP, OSPF and RIPv2) with the network address in the routing, have been included in the subnet mask. Between the area 0 OSPF and area 2 OSPF, a virtual link ends up being created. Redistribution also takes place between the RIPv2 to the OSPF and later from the OSPF to the RIPv2.

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The third router that is located in area 2 does forward updates to the second router. RIPv2 also includes the subnet mask information. The Secure Update Protocol So as to maintain a network connection, a router has been put in place. The following commands would have to be utilized in the implementation of the OSPF; ip ospf message-digest key-id md5 and ip ospf authentication message-digest. So as to be able to carry out the implementation of the EIGRP authentication, some commands will have to be keyed in for the sub-interfaces or each interface. Commands that are majorly used are; ip authentication key-chain eigrp AS and ip authentication mode eigrp AS md5 key which creates the message digest. The AS here refers to the autonomous systems.

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Fig. Fig. A diagram showing a virtual link Redistribution Solution Implementation It is important to make use of a redistribution routing protocol in a multiprotocol environment. So as to determine the best path in a routing protocol, some unique procedures are followed. Since there exists various methods of routing, redistribution is necessary so as to allow the protocols to exchange information and also communicate back and forth. As a result of route redistribution, there occurs full connectivity within the various routing domains. It also controls the entry and the exit of traffic in the network and is used majorly between networks as a result of its reliability. Due to topology changes that happen in the internet, BGP can be used with scalability.

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Network engineers normally have an option between a single or double connection to a single internet service provider before the implementation of the BGP connection to the ISP and the enterprise-ISP is carried out (Xiao et al. , Np). A dual connection has the advantage of redundancy. " IEEE network 19. Chowdhury, NM Mosharaf Kabir, Muntasir Raihan Rahman, and Raouf Boutaba. "Virtual network embedding with coordinated node and link mapping. " INFOCOM 2009, IEEE. IEEE, 2009. Dey, Golap Kanti, Md Mobasher Ahmed, and Kazi Tanvir Ahmmed. "Performance analysis and redistribution among RIPv2, EIGRP & OSPF Routing Protocol. " Computer and Information Engineering (ICCIE), 2015 1st International Conference on. IEEE, 2015. Katz, Dave, et al. Mukherjee, Sarit, Tejas Naik, and Sampath Rangarajan. "Discovery of border gateway protocol (BGP) multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) virtual private networks (VPNs).

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