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Brand recognition is all about the strategies that organizations adopt to ensure customers can correctly identify the organization products or services easily, for instance, through the product logo or packaging, tag line or even advertising campaigns. The course was an interesting one which greatly helps gain knowledge on different marketing strategies in each session. Two memorable lessons/topics/discussions Despite the fact that different topics were discussed throughout the course, there are a few topics that stood out for me and that were generally interesting to me. However, the main two topics that were exceptionally of great importance and interest to me was the topic on segmentation/targeting/positioning and also SWOT analysis. In the business management field and my academic career, learning the importance of segmentation/targeting and positioning is very important as it helps to understand the different approaches that organizations can implement to enhance their competitive advantage.

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Academically, the knowledge prepares me for future courses in business and marketing, while professionally, the knowledge gained in these two sessions/topics prepares me for my future in the real business world and facing business problems as an employee or even a business owner. The knowledge on the topics is also important for my personal development and also guidance in my professional career. Moreover, knowledge of SWOT analysis could be important for conducting my own self-analysis for personal progress and professional development. Harley Davidson analysis One of the greatest problems facing Harley Davidson is the dying customer base in the motorcycle industry as young people are no longer interested in motorcycles anymore. Today, the young generation focuses more on their smartphones and computers (Russ, 2018).

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Figure 1: Tough Times at Harley Davidson According to Furchgott (2018), motorcycle sales generally declined since 2008 and since then, they have been continuously declining most especially influenced by demographics. In this case, a SWOT analysis is a good start if the company is to handle the troubles related to its sales and revenues and the market problem caused by the trade disputes. A SWOT analysis could greatly help identify some of the potential strengths the company still possess, its weaknesses to improve, the opportunities that the company can take advantage and the potential threats that the company has to be aware of (Sutherland, 2008). According to Ferris (2018), Harley-Davidson is taking a big step towards its ambitious goal of making sure that millions of people get excited about riding motorcycles again.

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