Appropriate Toys for Children Aged 1 3 Years

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It has stencils that are detachable and they offer kids with the ability to learn numbers, alphabet not forgetting healthy drawings for the kids. In case of mistakes, children can easily erase. According to information from a VTech article about kids toys, the writing clipboard needs to be cleaned using a cloth that is slightly damp. It should not be stored under direct sunlight and heat sources and to extend its use period it advised that the batteries be removed if they are not in use. The toy should not be dropped on hard surfaces and should not be exposed to moisture and water. In case a child makes a mistake, the toy has a slide eraser that a child can use to erase the mistakes.

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As a parent, Doc McStuffins talk and trace clipboard is a type of a toy that a child should have because it offers a number of advantage to their child developmentally, mentally, and educational. Among the advantages is the child is able to recognize numbers and letters and are also able to learn basic skills in writing and drawing. At the same time, children get their concentration on what they are doing either writing or drawing because they get engaged by the music and this to them turns to be fun. Also, the toy is durable when maintained and parents can afford this toy. For Doc McStuffins Talk and Trace Clipboard, not much is there to say concerning its hazardous effects on children but there are several effects that can be anticipated.

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One of the hazardous effects that can be anticipated for this toy is the detachable stencils. They can injure the child if they are not handled carefully. Also, the parents tend to spend money while buying batteries time to time after they die and also buying new ones because children can be careless in some scenarios. Generally, the toy is of a very huge advantage to the children and parents should consider buying the toy to their young ones. This helps a child to have an increased hand and eye coordination. Additionally, when playing with the toy, the child is able to have a nostalgic feeling because it is made of wood. Every time the child fits the shapes into their corresponding shape, the child tends to feel satisfied and this builds their confidence every time there are correct.

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The toy is very educational and is a good reason why parents should get this toy for their kids. To start with, the toy promotes shape recognition where kids are in a position to recognize different shape at a tender age. Additionally, the toy has many developmental and educational advantages that are essential to the growth of children and should start from a tender age. Personally, if I was a parent I would select this toy for my child because of its many advantages towards the growth of the child. Children get to learn much when playing with this toy like when they are trying to find the right piece of the 12 pieces, they learn their own tactics of finding and fixing the pieces and by doing so means they are able to learn of challenges from a younger age and how to tackle and face the challenge.

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Also, children are able to learn the different shapes and colors when they are fitting the wooden pieces into their corresponding holes. Affordability and durability of this toy is another reason why I would choose this toy because its price is worth buying. The blocks are made of a size that small hands are able to fit in together to make their own patterns. The blocks also have a stackable base which has 4 wheels that make playing much fun. They also have bright different colors that make their created patterns beautiful and also make playing fun. Their paintings are easy to clean by washing or wiping them. The building blocks are supposed to be stored in the large plastic bag that comes with them to ensure that they are organized and that they don't get lost.

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Building bags are very appealing to children because they love imagining and putting their imagination into action. The bright and appealing colors of these blocks make them even much appealing to children. The way blocks are created, they can fit in easily to create any shape and to children, this makes playing much fun. Also, their storage makes them appealing to children since they can carry them wherever they want. The blocks help children in engaging with their hands to explore when they are creating and imagining what to create. These building blocks are safe for children and parents do not need to worry much. One of the ways in which they are safe is that they are large in size and this reduces the risk of choking.

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