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The debate has remained ongoing in various parts of the world and there is the need to understand what each of the sides has to say about their reasons behind their beliefs. While the naturalists believe that everything takes place naturally without the control of a superhuman being, the supernaturalism believes that there is God who controls their daily activities and operations and one who makes people understand the world around them. The difference in these believes has created unrest in the society where the Christians, for example, feel that the naturalists fail to recognize God and his presence in their lives. Despite the claims by the naturalisms that God does not exist, the paper will provide arguments for God's existence and the theories of the mind.

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Supernaturalism provides an argument that there is a force beyond nature and man which is ultimate. In this case, people tend to ask the reason behind everything in existence and what could have resulted in it. The cosmological argument- Based on this argument, there is a time in the world when there was no existence of physical things. However, since there is the existence of physical things, there must be a force or power behind it. There must be a non-physical power which leads to the development and existence of different things in the world today. The only something that could have led to the existence of the physical things is God who existed even before anything else could. The argument, therefore, proves that there is God's existence and that he is the designer behind every being.

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Despite the arguments for God's existence, the argument for evil refutes God’s existence because “If God was to exist, then that being would be all powerful, all-knowing and all-good. This argument states that God does not exist because if he was, there would be no evils in the society. This is because God is represented as the perfect being and one who has control over everything and being an all-good being, there would be no room for evils in the society. According to the argument, there is a lot of evil in the world a reason why some people have suffered and others lost some of their things through the evil acts (Sober, 123). For example, Descartes believes that God’s existence leads to perfection in the world.

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He states that God is the most perfect being and one who controls the way in which people act. He also argues that God has enabled man to get committed to becoming perfect through his actions. Descartes recognition of God’s existence falls in his thoughts and the force behind why he thinks in the way he does. Arguments for dualism and identity theory Dualists claim that there is a difference between the mental and physical world. Naturalism fails to recognize the impact of a different force which could have resulted in the development of different things in the world today. Regardless of how people criticize the beliefs by the supernaturalism claims, it is unclear of what force or what kind of a being could have resulted in the existence of different things in the world today.

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