Aristotles concept of human flourishing and moral virtue

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His argument is very viable even though it is not prescriptive for ethical decision making. It is through him that the developments of science and technology have come about. He explained the importance of logic and reasoning in general. I think all these case about because Aristotle was a believer that human beings behave the way they do because they are all animals. The believes that Aristotle had at the time were not easy to understand even though they were true. This means that ethical decision making is not so much involved. Am in support of the fact that the theory supports other concepts of ethics. As a physical being, one must be able to get nourished. This is a need, and one cannot be happy or find their purpose in life without this.

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Human beings are quite different from plants because plants have wanted that they must get while human beings have needs that they have all the rights to get (“Nicomachean Ethics,” 21). This is also a way of flourishing. They say that no man is an island and Aristotle knew this very well. Humans need each other to be complete. This is why sometimes one may feel so left out that they find themselves in situations they never imagined they would be in. In such situations, no descriptive reasoning is applied because one finds themselves being in any company as long as they are accepted. How then is it possible that it is not prescriptive of ethical reasoning? What makes us humans is our rationality.

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This is the ability to obey reasoning. Aristotle's arguments on the other side are prescriptive for ethical decision making. As people try to find their purpose in life, it is out of ethical reasoning that they decide to do so. One has to think and reason up in an ethical manner then start finding their purposes in life. This is why it is correct to say that the virtue of bravery lies between the lines of deficiency of bravery. Virtue is better understood through education, but for a person who obeys reasoning, they should be aware that virtues are learned through the simple development of habits. One does not have to rational to be considered a human being. As long as they can reason up and see what is best that leads then into making proper ethical decisions.

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