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Various schemes are represented through art. Art is identified to be a crucial component while handling the aspects of truth and reality. Art would also either be representation or aspirational as suggested by the different philosophers that have tackled the subject of truth and reality. There are various perspectives held regarding art and philosophy. These views include rationalism, phenomenology, and empiricism. Human beings are also said to share in the divine nature. According to the avocado view, human beings share the essence similar to the seed where they can reproduce other human beings. In this case, the outer and flesh skin and the avocado seed are simply incidental thus providing illustrations of the essential part of the human beings. There are other crucial parts that human beings share including reasoning capacity, language, morality and tool making ability.

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The soul represents the highest faculty of the human nature an aspect that is captured by Plato and Aristotle. Facticity would refer to the aspect of human beings being determined by the forces that are beyond their control including reality, physical and people as well as the human beings having the ability to be self-determining just like God. An example is a decision by a human being to be a professor of a particular field and not being a cat just because of the physical and temporal situation in which one finds him or herself. Human beings would tend to experience freedom with anxiety and anguish due to the ambiguous freedom. A person would not be able to determine its essence given that it is not free in itself as per the artichoke or existentialism.

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A different perspective from this is provided in the avocado view of the self since there is a fixed nature as characterized by the various features of human beings. The mind does not take up space since it is un-extended and thinking which would also make it subject to the physics law. An example of the art is the clockwork universe that is being uncovered by the invention of telescope and microscopes and also the discovery of optics, magnetism, and electricity. In this case, it would only take a short time for the human reason to unlock all of the mysteries of nature. The realm of self contrasts with the field of matter. The mind is free to act on its behalf, unlike matter.

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The cognitive process that employs logical analysis cannot be applied. Through the process of intuition, it is the only possible way of knowing the in-itself. However, art is regarded to be crucial in providing a better illustration of the idea proposed by Schelling. The genuine art is identified to depict the unconscious in action. The world and self are two aspects of one organic unity. Art would be vital in widening the world. According to Aristotle, art also has the potential for eliciting catharsis. Such would include absurd humor and ability to familiarize thus resulting in emotional cleansing that would be achieved by viewing of tragic drama. In this case, art is also aspirational, allowing us to achieve catharsis. The avocado view is also crucial in the representation of the essentialism idea.

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Through art, a finite rendering of an infinite reality is provided (Mitchell, 2015). The philosopher would only use intellectual information while the creative process achieved through art would apprehend the truth about reality in a way that is not available to a philosopher. Such makes art to be a crucial aspect while understanding the philosophy and different ideas. I disagree with Descartes when he says that critical thinking and logic are the best means that should be adopted in achieving the certainty about existence and reality. The pineal gland in the brain is identified to be the centre of the interchange between the body and mind thus making it crucial. The views reject the perspective of truth and reality. The perspective reveals that only art can arrive at certainty.

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The illustrations offer a different view of truth and reality. The views hold that the lived experience is the foundation of what people know thus rejecting the opinion relating to the mind/body dualism. The different perspective provided by the observation that is different from the natural standpoint adopted by rationalism and empiricism is that knowledge would ultimately come to people by understanding that structures would organize sense data. Conclusion In a nutshell, the self, truth, and reality, as well as art and philosophy, are identified to be essential aspects. There are differing perspectives regarding the view of the self. These views include the avocado view of the self and the artichoke view of the self. The examination of a piece of wax is also used in providing an illustration needed for better understanding of the mind.

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