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Some fields such as AI, Robotics among others are still at their infancy (Nilsson, 2014). Massive investment is, however, being made in these areas by most governments and corporation which in turn means that most of the ideas that seem in a distant future might be actualized in a few years’ time. Perfect examples of such include the advancement of robotics where soon machines might colonize most of the production lines in many companies. Intelligent computers which will allow interaction with individuals might also be just a few years from being made. If they are made, for instance, it will mean that in particular fields such as in medicine, patients will be attended to by computers who would conduct diagnosis and even make prescription with less human intervention.

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My argument lies with the economists and the historians regarding the possibility that AI might spell doom to workers as well as the existence of humanity. The concept of AI has a system with the ability to reason, apply rationality in decision making and eventually settle on a decision that fits the presented case (“Artificial Intelligence”, 2016). Essentially what this means is that AI aims at producing thinking computers in simple terms. The current generation of computers lacks these capabilities and must always be commanded by a human being to perform various chores. AI, however, eliminates the need for human intervention. Imagine what would happen if AI was introduced into the current job market today. Remember one key thing about AI is the ability to work with very little human intervention or none at all.

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What this would mean is that most firms would rather have machines working for them rather than employ human labor. Human task force bears many disadvantages which range from low productivity due to various factors. For example, if a person is tired, then their productivity at the workplace will automatically go down. Google is among the corporation pushing for the advancement of AI. In October 2015, a driverless Google pod (Poczter & Jankovic, 2014), car drove around on public roads for minutes (Poczter & Jankovic, 2014). These preliminary tests were meant to show whether driverless vehicles can run on normal roads without causing accidents or inconveniences. The Google car did precisely that. It was able to navigate around, interpret road signs correctly, observe all the traffic rules and by the end deliver its package to its destination.

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We can consider the AI systems as a species that is human made which with time will become better than human beings. When this happens, there is a possibility of having a revolution from the machines (Barrat, 2013: Parnas, 2017). The familiar scenes that occur in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movies The Terminator sequel might occur in our world in the future. The machines will want to establish their dominance over us at one point since they will realize they are better than human beings. When this happens, surely it will be the end of our race. References Nilsson, N. J.  Principles of artificial intelligence. Morgan Kaufmann. The Economist.  Technology Review, 16(4), 28-35. Barrat, J.  Our final invention: Artificial intelligence and the end of the human era.

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