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However, Ainsworth’s studies produced in partnership with Bowlby’s theories that come up with three types of attachment which include, disorganized, secure, ambivalent, and avoidant. Also, according to other research, it is believed that attachment theory can also be applied to adult relationships. Attachment theory According to research, attachment theory examines the long-term and short-term relationships between families. A newborn ought to have a well-established relationship for emotional and social development from one of the caregivers according to the attachment theory. Relationships tend to build upon the first connections with the caregivers which is according to the attachment theory. Therefore, he could try and link to their symptoms from separation and deprivation. According to Mary Ainsworth, as a graduate of the University of Toronto, she was in the security theory.

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She faced challenges of securing the young and infant children which they needed to have a development of dependency on parents before getting into unfamiliar situations. According to Mary Main, there are four styles of adult attachment. These techniques include the dismissing style, the unclassified, the preoccupied style, and the autonomous style. They tend not to come to conclusions when angry. They have a vague, contradictory, and confused relationship with their parents. The autonomous style These are individuals who are characterized by more than two qualities. They tend to forgive their attachments from their present and their past relationships. They are very compassionate. These rehabilitation services help the individuals with severe mental health problems. These people need extreme care for their disorders.

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These mental issues are associated with personal traumas such as sexual abuse and emotional, neglect, physical abuse, discontinuity and abandonment of attachments. Adult attachment and therapeutic relationships have caused these people to be diagnosed with difficulties in personal relationships. Individuals using rehabilitation services tend to suffer from distress and social dysfunction. According to study whose participation was witnessed by a sample of psychology students. Therefore, the students aimed to have a measure the attachment to the caregiver. The outcome showed that ladies were possible to engage in physical aggression after rated been rated as the highest on anxiety attachment with their fathers and highest on avoidant attachment with their mothers (Williams & Kennedy, 2012). However, it is true that aggression affects males than females in the matter of parent-child attachment.

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According to Hare, Adg Migga, Manning, and Allen (2010), children would be in aggression at the time of a romantic partnership in the influence of troubled relationships. Substance abuse is a significant risk of victimization, and there are ways which have made substance abuse which is, increased influence of substances, decreased competence to toxic environments, and increased contact with perpetrators. In conclusion, attachment theory is an important key that helped us to understand behaviors. The theory has explained the practices that have led to ways that have relationships. This theory has also helped us to depend on the attachment of the client. According to the theory, domestic violence is the actual relationship between social and psychological conditions. Holmgren, L. , & Oswald, D. L.

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