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Thus, to be in a position of dealing with the same successfully, the aspect of law and order is maintained by the support and consideration of several theories done by some scholars. These theories can be classified under utilitarian and retributive theories. Utilitarian philosophy believes that laws should be used to maximize the happiness of the society; hence crime activities and punishment should be avoided since they do not bring happiness. On the other hand, retributive philosophy argues that offenders should be punished to avert such behaviors in the community. The paper aims at exploring the effectiveness of the two theories on punishment philosophy by considering rehabilitation. (Nagin et al. Punishment is something that is based on the understanding of the people in the way they live in society, and the values that they recognize so as to help in shaping their living styles.

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For instance, Christians believe that society is based on the values of love and the forgiveness of sins, thus confirming that different groups of people view their way of living in different perspectives. When we compare the approach of punishment and rehabilitation with Christianity, it is clear that rehabilitation stands to be an exceptional way of exercising the aspect of love and humanity. The reason behind this is because rehabilitation makes the offenders change their behaviors and gain trust in themselves and the systems in the society as they come to their senses of understanding the causes of criminal activities as well as their many negative impacts. Besides, retributive theory majors on imposing punishment to the criminals instead of looking at the possible causes and finding proper solutions to the same.

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Punishment only limits the operations of the criminal without getting them something better especially when applying the retributive philosophy. For instance, incapacitation reduces the physical capacity of an individual to jail terms and limited human rights. Such approaches are not tolerable since they infringe the provision for justice and fairness. Therefore, this approach is ineffective as it does not change anything from an individual. As a matter of fact, a family with both parents can make more developments regarding the cost sharing. In such case, the welfare of such families will be improved quickly because both partners have to agree in advance by laying their goals clearly and working to achieve them in return. According to a report released on 2012 by the United States health department, the rate of poverty in single families is 190.

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4% higher than in households with both parents. When it comes to laboring, fathers are well known to aid their families to a greater deal, therefore, reducing chances of poverty (John, 2016). A father is the first man a girl meets in the world; therefore, his behavior will determine the kind of man the daughter will like to have in her future (Brett & Kate, 2015). Nevertheless, the author’s argument on the necessity of having a father can be seen to have one major weakness. The author claims that the general aid of a father to his kids can be affected by his level of education. Such an idea is feeble because it is not essential that the father trains his children by bestowing them with education.

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Some qualities that a father can give to children such as teaching them to be good to others and avoiding bad behaviors are naturally inborn. The fact that fathers are good leaders does not imply that mothers cannot lead, but the rule of nature decrees that men ought to be the front-runners of their families. Conclusion From the discussion, it is evident that utilitarian philosophy provides the best alternative to punishment. In particular, rehabilitation helps to redeem individuals from wrong behaviors and help them to maximize their potential when they get back to the society after the imprisonment period. Rehabilitation also reduces the population of the inmates especially through the establishment of rehabilitation centers in the communities. Besides, incarceration alternatives improve the communities’ and families’ strengths.

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