Audit Process Proposal

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Therefore, the whole system is going to be evaluated hence the loopholes will be blocked to keep the system secure so that business operations are smooth. The regulations should be followed as per the requirements of the board of Information Technology to ensure that accuracy and uniformity is maintained. Preliminary review is very essential as it determines if the system still supports the business to thrive through the competitive market. Therefore, the audit method is on a step by step basis till all areas that need adjustments get fixed appropriately. The information technology team will get involved so that explanation is provided in case of any discrepancies. Therefore, the formulas to arrive at a final conclusion will be rectified in case nay has been found to manipulate the actual figures of the transaction.

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The database needs to be controlled because it is the point at which every raw data is deposited before any command has been provided to the computer. In the general control aspect, the environment is examined it supports the operation of Microsoft windows because most people are conversant with since it is the easiest to operated. Therefore, the version determines whether the goals could be achieved effectively or not. The standards should met since the responsible bodies could reprimand the company especially when the terms are adhered appropriately. The computer application will be checked if the appropriate steps were followed in creating the application. The design determines the manner in which activities are conducted hence the controls implemented are very essential because they limit the level of access into the system.

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