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A lot of questions are raised in terms of local and interpersonal impact, political engagement, and national civic which are met through social media. Normally, most people are doubtful of new inventions due to lack of assurance of the right effects. However, the effects of social media and new inventions especially twitter has largely contributed to how people relate with other communities. Confusion has also been created since individuals have not exactly defined what community means. Social media platforms, especially twitter, have enhanced community for the better since people from different parts of the world can communicate and solve various issues online. Baym acknowledged that using various terminologies and sharing jokes within a group through communication forges a bond between them. For instance, the term “the feels” as used by Tumblr bloggers explains their excited emotions from an interesting advertisement in their dashboard.

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Therefore, members are defined by their inside jokes. Furthermore, Baym explained how a community is defined by practices. Our group of friends or people that we network with online generally influence our habits and behavior. Some can showcase their talents by displaying photos of their products. The positive feedback from group members improves their esteem and brings motivation. Lastly, informational support creates a platform where members can advise each other through guidance depending on the issues at hand. Baym elaborated that a renewed preservation of public goods was collaboratively building through the participation of people in online groups. Shared identities relate to how a group defines who they are. Therefore, people can feel a sense of belonging and involvement through an online community. Twitter By Dhiraj Murthy. Twitter is a social networking site, and one of the most used internet tool.

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It permits people in any society to submits their twits to Twitter. com, and the tweets can be easily viewed by other users. Dhiraj precisely states that twitter can significantly increase the awareness of other people as well as augmenting our levels of knowledge. The consequence of such a worldwide network is that communication can, at times, become more apparent. Dhiraj Murthy further demonstrates that people's ability to reach twitter can enhance democracy as well as openness, but this does not imply its insignificance. Dhiraj explains that twitter has both advantages and disadvantages as well. In the first chapter, Dhiraj clearly states that twitter is more public and that it deserves its book. Therefore those individuals with the internet can easily see what has been posted and make a response. Typically, one does not require to know the person who has tweeted.

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The tweets may also be directed to personal individuals to let them know what you need from them. Hence, this has significantly enabled people in society to have their needs met, for example, by the government. Consequently, they have been able to achieve this by tweeting their leaders and, after that, receiving some assistance. Besides, the patients have been able to get information on the best healthcare centers through consulting other people through twitter. Twitter has helped save innocent lives of people in the society because adequate assistance on the type of medication and where to receive it has been made public through twitter. To sum up, twitter has dramatically assisted many people in society and has significantly changed communication practices. Dhiraj Murthy asserts that the changes are not immense as viewed by the optimists, but rather, the authors involved with the theoretical support as well as real-life examples clearly show the importance of twitter and how it has impacted the society.

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Due to this, twitter can be viewed as a persuasive and well-balanced account of the most known means of communication worldwide.

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