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Actively engaged in progressive and unifying politics in the 25th District. His influential community engagement saw him elected in 2009 and reelected in 2003. He has been vocal on the rights on the LGBT, youths, homeless and undocumented immigrants. He was critically strategic in securing the $4milion funds for the expansion of the emergency room and construction of quality cardiac care unit in the Elmhurst Hospital. Through his sponsorship, the New York council bill intro 253(IDNYC) passed with majority vote. Many immigrants have sought care in the neighborhood, transforming the cultural dimension and socioeconomic activities in the neighborhood. My neighborhood boast of religious and cultural diversity with churches, Islamic mosques, Hindu temples and Chinese temple lined up across the street to accommodate different cultural belief of the people.

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The Roman Catholic Church on 86th avenue, the Baptist church that caters for the Indonesian congregation. The Islamic centers on the 55th and 79th street. The Bangladesh Hindu mandhir on 44th avenue as well as the Geeta temple ashram on Corona Avenue are all depicting of the cultural and religious diversity and tolerance of the neighborhood. Many industries such as in hospitality, transportation, education, healthcare, leisure personal services and construction have grown in the area over the years. This has created immense job opportunities to the local as well as immigrants. Immigrant make up over 40% of the social service labour force. Past and current urban planning initiatives With conducive business environment in addition to the presence of a green park, proximate distance to airport and other strategic modes of transport such as the five trains and Illinois expressways connecting major cities in the country, our neighborhood acts as an ideal business location attracting various economic boosting business.

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The transformation of the six-acre Gas tank site into a landscaped green space Elmhurst park was an amazing urban planning initiative that greatly influenced the neighborhood. org, 2011). The entrance of large multinational companies “the big box” in the retail and commercial arena in the area has uplifted the “Mom and pop stores”. The transformation in the commercial landscape, improved financial support and retailing infrastructure has enabled local businesses to grow and adopt more organization while retaining their culture and heritage associate with the locality (Hutter, 2015). Green technology The neighborhood has embraced green technology in the recent years. The concept of green urbanism has been engrailed in the design and architecture of some of the marvelous and significant building in the neighborhood and New York City.

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NYC. gov statistics shows that the Hispanic population makes up about 46 % of the population while the white occupy are rather reduced figure of close to 6% of the total population. Other racial diversity in the area are the Native American with 44%, black Americans accounting for 0. 2% and Asians contributing a significant portion to the populations. Young people under the age of 18 account for about 22% of the total population of the neighborhood (NY Neighborhood Tabulation Areas, 2010). The experience provided the opportunity to learn more on the legislation and policies guiding urban planning and land use in the area. Various distinct modern features such as adoption go green technology are unique characteristics that enrich heritage of the neighborhood. The neighborhood exploration was a phenomenon that allowed comprehensive view of the real world environment of the residence.

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