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He then got convinced and flew to Boston to say farewell in person to his dying professor. Visiting him before he died made him learn a lot than he expected from Morrie’s last year of life. The dying professor Morrie taught him about many life lessons such as conformity and the need to fit in, about love, forgiveness and the influence of culture on the society. Morrie’s lessons were majorly on the positive aspects of life, combating conformity as well as detaching from the cultural practices to make one happy, living in peace and enjoying life meaningfully according to own beliefs. It is inevitable to say that Morrie was a man of wisdom and great quotes that inspires most people especially the youthful generation.

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To some people, taking of certain illnesses publicly or the topics touching on death is considered to be scary and assumed from the discussion. However, Morrie through his courageous nature to fight against his ailment not to take the better part of his body and his looming death send a strong courage to people to be strong and fight until their last breathe. He is also not confirmed to the society view of health and death because he believes that everyone must undergo life and death. Through this, he is strong enough to face the world and participates in an interview about his condition something culture may see as embarrassing. It only shows that once an individual decides to let go what the society considers perfect then you can be happier by choosing your actions and identify the way he did.

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All the memories are still there. You live on—in the hearts of everyone you have touched and nurtured while you were here. ” (p. This clearly shows that one may die but the good relationships that are created once you are still alive will forever remain and remember by the people. Again by reading this book, I am presented with a new outlook of what forgiveness really is among people in the society. ”(p. There is no need of clinging to the past bad experiences or feelings rather develop a habit of consoling one’s self with the prevailing circumstances. This is quite an inspiration to the young generation like me to forgive myself alongside forgiving other people who might have done as wrong in life.

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Through forgiveness, a peaceful coexistence and love are promoted as one search for self-identity and he said, “Find someone to share your heart, give to your community, be at peace with yourself, and try to be as human as you can be. ” (p. Love is something which is very significant in life and more so in our relationships and he said, “Love is the only rational act. The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love and to let it come in" (p. Gaining freedom from cultural chains is also a sure way of gaining personal beliefs. In most cases, societies have always brainwashed and determined the way people live and interact to one another making it hard to be independent given some norms, "Life is a series of pulls back and forth.

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