Behavioral Change in Social Marketing Interventions

Document Type:Thesis

Subject Area:Sociology

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This proposal explores on the studies concerned with behavioral forms. 0 Research Objectives The objectives for the intended study will be as stated below; • To access the components of the social marketing type of design for the sake of enhancing awareness on the social types of marketing campaigns that equivalent to the social marketers after motivating the voluntary form of change in behavior. • To ensure the increase in the knowledge of the linkage between intervention type of adherence, its study and the behavioral related incomes 4. 0 Research Questions From the research objective listed before, the research will then be carried out based on the below objectives: • What features characterizes the design of the social marketing that promotes the awareness towards social marketing types of campaigns that are same with those used by the social types of marketers in motivating the voluntary type of change behavior? • How is the knowledge on the linkage between the intervention type of adherence, study type of adherence and behavioral related outcomes are connected? Literature Review The studies literature will use the market scenario in US.

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