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Even though the movement is viewed as greatly radical, it still comes out as a powerful and beautiful example of the freedom of speech of the people of America, and a social revolt, which very bluntly asserts what has been said only in muted voices for several years: people of color matter, black lives matter, and everyone is equal (White, 2016). In order to gain some insights about the movement, this paper aims to offer pertinent literature regarding the movement in order to give an overview of the organization’s causes and objectives. Structured Inequality Rationale The co-founders of the movement recount that the drive for the creation of the organization was the brutal killing of Trayvon Martin, a 17-year old African man, by George Zimmerman, a white man, who was acquitted by Florida States based on his self-defense claim and Trayvon was even charged inexplicably with his own killing posthumously.

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Organizer Garza’s reaction to the defendant’s acquittal in the murder case of Trayvon Martin became the rallying hashtag and cry for a dominant movement after she wrote on Facebook that she continues being startled at the way little Black lives matter (Glaude, 2018). The reaction was echoed immensely across the nation, and it was largely because of the increased deadly force use by law enforcement agencies with apparent impunity. S. The formation of the movement was a reaction by the black American society to several murder of African Americans by vigilantes as well as law enforcement in the recent times (Abdullah, 2017). As such, the guiding principles and values of the organization assert that the movement is a political and ideological intervention in a globe where African lives are intentionally and systematically targeted for death.

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Although everyone involved in this movement is given freedom of expression, protest, and speech, lashing out in destruction and violence is neither an acceptable nor a tolerable way of getting messages across, regardless of any frustrations those involved feel. The language employed by the participants of the movement is determined and powerful; hence, it is easily misinterpreted and misconstrued, since the language utilized for this kind of sensitive and touchy topic is very sensitive and simple to misunderstand. In addition, the organization received considerable countrywide publicity throughout 2016 presidential campaign after reps from the movement challenges the Democratic candidates, inclusive of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, regarding their viewpoints about recurrent violence against the African peoples across the nation (McIvor, 2017). Furthermore, the movement sponsors intervallic monthly activities like the February 2016 “Black Futures Month.

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” Past the foregoing programs, the movement continues to gain increased aid from the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, which has 41,000 members, and is calling for has called its nationwide members to actively back the mission and efforts of the organization. As stated by the co-founders of the movement, the organization’s implications for the future encompass its usage as an international platform for individuals operating to ascertain that African lives do of course matter as well as holding the policymakers responsible for their decisions. In fact, it is practical to propose that the movement even contributed a major role in the surprising upset loss of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential elections of the United States. Black Lives Matter is a revolutionary peace movement.

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