Bureaucracy in Organizations

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The form of management of Walmart follows a hierarchical structure. The level of authority flows downwards starting from the C. E. O at the top downwards to middle-level managers. Objectives and decisions of the organization are formulated at the top managerial positions and implemented by middle-level managers (Lombardo 2017). The human resource department main function include; hiring and dismissal of employees, training of employees and appraisal of employees. According to Andreski (2013), the human resource manager is tasked with the job of ensuring that the employees incorporated into the organization meet the set skills and competence needed in completing needed assignments. Due to ever-changing technology in the production of goods and services, the human resource department ensures that employee training is conducted in a timely basis to impart them with current knowledge and trends in production for them to perform their assigned responsibilities efficiently and with precision.

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The motivation of employees is also a function of the human resource department. Employee motivation through rewards increases the morale of workers and ensures that they give their best toward attaining the organizational goals and objectives. In Walmart, communication among departments and employees follows a detailed well-written set of procedures. Communication is both horizontal and vertical. A well-defined protocol is observed by every employee in the organization when wanting to voice concerns. A horizontal form of communication is where information is transmitted among units, departments, and employees in the same level of the organizational hierarchy. Vertical form of communication is a type of communication where information transmission occurs among different levels of organizational hierarchy. The hierarchical form of management and communication hinders organization flexibility.

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