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Furthermore, there is ultimate need for the company to increase productivity and automate business transaction with reliable storage and security Two Technologies The technologies in the research include: firstly, cloud computing which gives the business ability to control and administer computer resources online through soft wares and programs. By cloud computing, business management applications such as customer relationship management (CRM) that would significantly help the business to manage and access information on the business, customer data, business processes and business information. Secondly, business intelligence and analytics technology would be applied in online analytical processing, location intelligence, operational business intelligence and collaborative business intelligence. This would also reinforce making informed effective decisions for the business. Business Requirements Objectives The projects aim at reducing cost, manual business processes and enhance competition through the adoption of new technology.

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The business should consider security in monitoring employee's activity, privacy respective to tracking, backup system, income generation and marketing perspective of product and services Technology Requirements Technological requirements support the business in adopting effective e-commerce. Technological requirements encompass establishment of cloud computing which is essential in running online computing resources, coming up with a business plan and website goals, database system, web server and web browser compatibility. Cloud computing ascertains easy access to business information virtually increasing flexibility giving the brick and mortar business collaborative efficiency, document control and security. In the establishment of e-commerce, cloud computing will help the business to become competitive through giving access to enterprise technology and acting faster. Technically, the business requires high-speed internet access and a comprehensive website.

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Business intelligence and analytics technology This technology is used by competitors to improve strategic decision making in business process and customization of sales in online shops. These avails them with comprehensive marketing strategy and less time in acquisitions of data. Technology Benefit New technologies would make it easier for consumers to access products and services needed online. Creation of e-commerce portal for the business guarantees revenue generation through radically reduced costs, high benefits for business and revolutionized operations. Mobile solutions are vital in consumer relations and content marketing. It is advantageous because of its flexibility in fluctuating bandwidth demand, backup and recovery, increased collaboration and automatic updating of software. Cloud computing increases efficiency and the small business agility. Business intelligence and analytics technology Business intelligence and the analytic system would avail fast and accurate business reports and informed decision making in the business.

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The technology provides the systematic analytical framework for analyzing the business systems with an identification of diverse business goals which ultimately increase effectiveness and efficiency in business operation. According to Laudon (2016), the business intelligence and analytic systems modify data into actionable intelligence that progressively informs the business tactful and strategic business decisions by analyzing and presenting reports on the state of a business. Efficiency in the business would be enhanced through reliability and flexibility of data which can be backed up offline availed by the systems in cloud computing. It also reduces IT expenditure and data are secure from unauthorized access. Basic Security Considerations Security measures such as web application firewall, directory services, policy management should be enhanced in managing the e-commerce to provide data sovereignty and privacy.

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