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Different theories have been fostered forth by various scientists trying to showcase their belief and going contrary to the belief of creation theory. The contrary ideology has seen the development of the atheist's movement that beliefs there is no God and it’s just science that drives the way things tend to happen within the universe. It is the similar thought that occupies the thoughts of Richard Dawkins who taint religion as “evil’ and only children who are meant to practice Christianity. Having the right for his own opinion, Richard thinks that Christianity is a lie that adult people should be able to establish and that it is only children who are ought to believe in lies of the existence of Christianity. Atheists are those people who have no belief in God and Christianity, and thus the revelation by Richard shows the path that he walks in a while addressing this issue. Viewing those ideas, I have a contrary opinion towards what he says and portrays religion and Christianity as being in support of various arguments discussed in the paper. Looking at what Dawkins tries to portray the factor of religion as being ‘evil’ it is prudent to conclude that his arguments based on selfish views that would like to undermine the belief possessed by others in the world. That belief arises from the fact that his mission to scientifically prove his theory, it has hit in him that science leaves a space that counts in establishing that indeed it is all a matter of science that universe happens to be the way it is and not a portray of any Supreme Being.

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First of all, across the globe there are so many religions that exist, leave alone the Christianity religion. The indication means that these people in their religion, as he is himself confined in the scientific belief of no God, those people are correct. It is imperatively wrong to classify a positive articulate as a negative option without even based on a general view of what it pertains to a subject. According to Aczel, pg. that view of goodness and human decency attached to spirituality and religion covers that religion is not a provision of ‘evil’ doing and thus Richard’s argument lacks merit in defining religion. Defending one’s faith or belief does not mean or reflect that another faith should be used in tainted imagery to drive the message that one’s faith or belief is the right one that ought to be followed by everybody.

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The tactic of this is used by Richard to taint Christianity as a religion that only belongs to children and no adult who ought to think or express the provisions of Christianity. Being an ‘evil’ scheme just like Richards argues, the expectation of this provision is that all wrongful and negative aspects will get an association with the religion. Things have happened and continue to happen as complex entities within the society that have lost a definable or explained nature in reference to the science and beliefs of people like Richards on how they came to happen. The application has seen even these scientists were not able to explain beyond their reach. These mysterious happenings that have produced positive gestures within the society, such as the crippled walking as well as the blind seeing generates to have power outside the human reach to a supernatural being.

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It is therefore ignorant for Richard to provide the provisions of religion as an ‘evil’ appliance for people to practice. It is a wrong gesture that portrays ignorant behavior that cannot be used to base the argument of one’s religion or belief being not relevant or does not produce the need and urge to follow. Given the science that is tried to be proven by atheist and scholars like Richards, there remains mystery about certain things and how they happen. Richard in his argument of labelling religion as an ‘evil’ subject did not consider the fact that his belief does not satisfy fully what transpires in such events that give a mysterious look. For example, the evolution theory that diminishes the creation theory articulates the belief that human being came out of evolving process from the Apes.

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Such belief, although seems to have some relevance, it loses the notch where it lacks to explain in a layman’s language as to why the modern apes do not give rise to another breed or continue to evolve as earlier on indicated. The adults before becoming to that stage of adulthood passed through the process of childhood and thus their practice of Christianity as children after all is not anything bad, but only people who have changed their character. The Bible articulates out that God is a wonderful character who never changes no matter what the situation and it is the same God who has been there for those many years, He is there and will continue to exist with us forever, (Psalms 55:19). It is therefore irrelevant when Richard gives the religion and Christianity different changing traits to suit his belief.

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It is this point that most atheist miss out that they recognize Christianity as children activity but paint religion as evil, meaning that even scientists acknowledge the belief of other people, (Lennox, pg,20). The same God worshipped by the children is the same God the adults apply to worship in their age. Defending your Faith: An Introduction to Apologetics, Illinois: Crossway Richardson, Alan (1963), Christian Apologetics, London: SCM Press Beattie, Tina (2007), The New Atheists: the Twilight of Reason & the War on Religion, London: DLT Beilby, James K. Thinking About Christian Apologetics: What it is and why we do it, Illinois: IVP Academic Lennox, John (2011), Gunning for God: Why the new Atheists Are Missing the Target, Oxford: Lion.

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