JFKs Inaugural Speech Analysis

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Many individuals wanted to participate in the historic event, therefore, ensuring that they conducted all opportunities possible to ensure that they succeeded. It was a good indication that the youth had a chance in the society and therefore not to be afraid to make necessary efforts to ensure that they achieve their set targets. JFK was an inspiration to American youth, and he represented a symbol of positive change thus providing hope for the future (Clarke 35). The paper outlines the events that took place during the inaugural speech through the identification of their importance and the impact that the address had on the society in general. Kennedy dressed casually and was eager to assure Americans of the achievement made during that day and thus encouraging them to look forward to a brighter future.

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Such encouraging words allowed people to have faith in a new revolution and thus looking forward to many changes taking place in the society. The article identifies the various points clarified by JFK, therefore, providing the reader with a chance to have a better understanding of the speech. It assures Americans that unity would allow them to face any obstacles along the way and thus ensuring the survival of civil liberties. Freedom and togetherness will enable individuals to have the capability to accept any hurdles that they may face along the way and thus have the ability to embrace change. Unity also represents the understanding allies and maintaining enduring friendships (Martin 40). Through this, people had hope and believed again and thus resulting in the improvement of the situation in the country.

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The author captures this essence through the identification of a direct speech and ensuring that words portrayed are a representation of the actual issue at hand (Rabe 105). The address emphasizes on embracing change and thus allowing people to have an opportunity of contributing to the building of a better future. Therefore, through the delivery of the speech, JFK managed to unite many Americans by the promise of a better tomorrow. Thus, the address is an essential piece of history and hence the importance of emphasis integrated by the author in identifying issues covered. Therefore, it was a significant gesture that people stood back and reconsidered their actions thus evaluating what they were willing to do for the country. The gesture would indicate the people were willing to do the right thing with the aim of maintaining peace and upholding freedom and unity.

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The speech allowed people to understand better what they were expected to do as well as the path that would lead them to success. Therefore, embracing change would guide one in the right track and ensure that they became successful in whatever actions that they indulged in along the way. The argument presented above was sufficient since it paved the way for other individuals to ensure that they performed actions with the aim of protecting the country. Consequently, by ensuring that people worked together, Kennedy aimed at improving the operations of the country in general. Therefore, it is essential to identify that the speech not only helped Americans but it was also a great deal to other nations. It was inspirational and thus resulting in people requesting for better means of representing the country along the way.

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The writer presents the arguments in the speech through the incorporation of various styles of writing with the aim of clarifying the importance of the occasion in question. Techniques of writing are crucial in ensuring that people do not misinterpret information provided and at the same time improves the chance of making a better future. It was crucial in making sure that all citizens would account for their actions and therefore embrace better ways to improve the situation and at the same time protect the interests of the country. JFK’s inaugural speech contains different arguments that are responsible for the remembrance of that event in history. Kennedy brought about a new life in democratic rights and civil liberties, therefore, allowing Americans to put the interests of the nation first.

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