Critical review of the Bible and the believer

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The book focus on “How to read the Bible critically and religiously “as the main objective as outlined in the book cover page. To achieve its main theme, the book focuses on explaining different Christian groups which are Catholics, Protestants and Jews on how to read the Hebrew Bible/Tankh/Old Testament. The goal of the book is to show how to read Hebrew Bible/Tankh/Old Testament by Catholics, Protestants and Jewish. The book was published by Oxford University Press in New York, United States of America. The book is categorized in the genre of bible study books. The goal of this book is to explain to Jews, Protestants and Catholics on how to read the Hebrew bible/Tankh/Old Testament in basis of religious critics.

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The book targets answering various critical historical biblical questions for example can the bible be tackled both as historical literary text and as sacred scripture? How can a believer read the Hebrew Bible / Old Testament critically? The book also approaches the dilemma which has been haunting biblical scholars in their bible studies. In addition, the book articulates the group of the critical historic which today are normative. The book helps in collecting the three different Christian groups, the Jewish, Roman Catholic and Protestant to finally agree in one unifying factor. It also outlines religious critical approaches in perspective to understanding of Tankah/Hebrew bible/Old testament and traditional historic criticism. Brettler defends the Jewish Christians by clearly explaining their religion that it’s not just a religion of a book as the way is being claimed to be.

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In other hand, Harrington the Catholicism scholar praises his Roman Catholicism and considers it be a more of a religion of a person. He considers Jesus Christ to be their pillar and opposes the Catholicism being more of manual doctrine. In order to clearly understand historical particularities of the bible, Herrington develops an incarnation model which is shared among them. The models reveal that the larger revelations shows God communicate with specific peoples at specific location. The main religion group that is discussed in the book is Christianity group. The book uses the three Christians distinguishing group’s i. e. Jewish, Roman Catholics and Protestants. These groups are represented by a member from each religion for example Daniel Harrington, the catholic scholar represents Catholic, Marc Brettler represents Jewish and Peter Enns, protestant scholar represents Protestant.

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Historical criticism is also outline in interpretation. Theme of conflict The theme of conflict is outlined in the book when Luther argues on proclaim of the life of Jesus Christ. Luther feels that new testament talks almost about Jesus Christ and feels it’s mostly centered on Jesus which he feels conflict the true gospel according Paulin theology. Theme of argument There are a lot of arguments in the book. The three authors Harrington, Peter Enns and Brettler are in hot arguments where by each one of them is seen to be supporting his side of faith group. They have approached this challenge and demonstrated the biblical criticism clearly. The book has provided fully comprehensive explanations on the historical criticism among the three different Christians group i.

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e. the Jewish, the Roman Catholic and Protestants. The book under its contents covers all themes of as outlined above. The Bible and the Believer book remains to be a suitable resource for people who want to carry out research. The book offers thoughtful reflections and respectful dialogue. There is much more admirable in this book since it covers all content needed to ensure the main themes and objectives are covered. The main theme, how to read the Bible critically and religiously is covered wholly and explained clearly. The three author have used their great knowledge in writing this book making the book to be suitably be used for classroom work, interreligious conversions, for universal church and for anybody who wants to research more on text.

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Besides, it expresses the female gender feelings in accordance to the main theme of the book. In addition, the book portraits racist aspects since it’s all authors are white men closing black people outside. This makes the book to be face challenges in expressing its content to different people. This problem can make other people neglect reading the book since it may seem to be annoying to them since it’s violates the aspect of fairness. Other readers may read it and at the end fail to recognize its theme and believe in what the authors of the book wants to address. The book can be used to provide resources needed for purposes of the research on traditional historical criticism.

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