Mobile computing and mobile commerce technology for business

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g. , Social Media)] 6 Technology Solutions 7 Technology One 7 Technology Two 7 Recommendations 8 Technology Solution 8 Overall Benefit 8 Security Considerations 8 Security Features 8 Third-Party Vendors 8 Internal Safeguards 9 References 10 Final Paper Problem Statement The business has a limited access to the customer’s base especially due to the fact that it lacks a digital platform for interaction with the customers. In contrast to the competitors such as Bluefly and Zappos, the business lacks a level ground for competition. Most of the clients have been forced to physically visit the company’s outlets because of the inability to interact with the firm’s management and products online. The business, therefore, aims to reach as many customers as possible in order to turn around its profits. Wireless mobile computing and mobile commerce are useful in ensuring sales are accurately carried out on the online platform without challenges.

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Tracking is made using electronic devices such as mobile phones, computers, and laptops. It is, therefore, necessary to integrate the mobile computing technology, mobile commerce, and data knowledge. Two Technologies The two technologies of focus identified by Magama enterprises include big data and knowledge management and implementation of wireless mobile computing and mobile commerce. The data and knowledge management technology is useful in gathering customers information for analytics. The business entity is, therefore, able to make sales and monitor the trends and transactions involved. Customers are therefore able to shop and make inquiries online. Through such interface issues such as stock, turnover is able to be controlled by using accurate data. Business Requirements Objectives The objectives of the firm include increasing the sales by using reliable technology in business.

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The objective is to be supported by using the wireless mobile and computing system. Additional goals such as obtaining efficiency and achieving operational efficiency can be made by introducing on the technologies. By accomplishing the project and obtaining an integrated data knowledge and wireless mobile commerce technology the firm projects to obtain a reasonable market share and focus on production of profitable items while at the same time diversifying the products manufactured with the market needs. Project Description The business needs to carry out an explorative assessment of the impact of the introduction of the technology. A decision matrix analysis is therefore supposed to be established according to the objectives that the firm aims to realize by accomplishing the project. The cost and benefit perspectives should, therefore, be established.

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The technology is also supposed to ensure efficiency in sales by increasing customers’ accessibility to the products on the e-commerce platforms. One of the challenges currently experienced is the shrinking market share due to the competitor's ability to woe the customers. The technology is expected to increase sales by providing an interface for interaction with the clients (Chan et al. Besides, the technology should facilitate accurate forecasting of projected demand trends for use in the diversification of resources for optimum production. Competitors and Technology Technology one. Bluefly is a firm that trades in shoes, handbags, and clothes for both men and women. It. also operates an online shop where the customers make orders on the online platform. The online platform provides an opportunity for placing orders online and also making queries regarding any defects noted within the products purchased.

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The online platform, therefore, attracts numerous visits from potential clients of the firm. The technology can be strategically integrated within the operations of the business according to the strategic location requirement. Technology Two Data and knowledge management meets the technological requirements such as reliability in carrying out the operations of the business. Besides the requirements such as strategic location can easily be realized with the implementation of the technology. Data knowledge management enables the firm to adequately meet the demands of the customers (Aronson, Liang & Turban, 2005). Recommendations Technology Solution The technology that is most appropriate for the business operations includes the mobile computing and mobile commerce technology. Basic Security Consideration In regards to security and privacy, the enterprise must ensure that the customers’ orders and delivery details are not disclosed to the third parties whatever the social class of the client.

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