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It also talks about criminal cases that happened in California and its elements as stated in the newspaper. However, many newspapers have different views on elements of a crime and that, they differ with California Penal Codes point of view. The differences between criminal activities from their elements are clear as the code defines. California Penal Code includes the robbery law that is defined as a situation of taking someone’s property without their consent. California Penal Code 211 states that “robbery is the felonious taking of personal property in the possession of another, from his person or immediate presence, and against his will, accomplished by means of force or fear”. If a person is found guilty of the elements and that the death was as a result of the crime committed, a trial will be done under the felony-murder rule.

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However, a criminal defense attorney can implement effective strategies that could reduce charges or drop the case completely. Burglary is a criminal act Penal Code 459 in California Law. California law defines burglary as “entering any residential or commercial building or room with the intent to commit a felony or any theft once inside. ” This means that burglary is committed when someone enters a property with the only intention to commit a criminal activity. According to Los Angeles Times newspaper, FBI identified a cell phone robbery. Authorities said that the alleged man always queues in banks like other customers then make calls before pulling a gun to shoot people. The authorities suspect that the supposed robber is connected to more than 30 robberies reported in California.

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What makes him unusual is the fact that the suspect waits till he reaches the front line before shooting. It is reported that he hits tellers and slam his gun to show that he serious about his business. The co-workers of the victim said that it seems he was prepared to do the crime because he had a large butcher knife with him. Another element of murder in the newspaper is murder with an intention to get something from the victim. According to the reports from the newspaper, it is said that it seemed the suspect came to steal a vehicle and when the salesman refused to give in, he had to kill him in order to complete his mission. Therefore, if the suspect is found guilty, he will serve a life imprisonment for murder according to the California Penal Code 187.

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A report was written by the Los Angeles of a man who was said to have burglarized more than 200 homes over the last five years. He was imprisoned for ten to twenty years but the jail term did not reform him. After he was released, he formed a gang which terrorized Los Angeles and left 10 people dead and 7 others injured in just a year. According to the newspaper, the suspect injured many other people during his escapades. He also succeeded in hiding from law enforcers but FBI found him after a long search. He tried to fire upon the FBI agents but they fired back killing him instantly. Do, Anh. “FBI Identifies a Cell Phone Bandit”. Los Angeles Times 14 Mar. 2014: A4.

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