Can Robot be Conscious

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L. Picard, W. Riker, who acted as the first officer in command and Data who happened to be the operation director or the second officer in command. The episode of the series starts with the high note and tension setting the Enterprise crew on trial particular the moment when Bruce Maddox, the head of scientific research department of Starfleet wanted Data to subject himself or consent to be dissembled for further research. However, Data who is a superman, robot and having superpowers to do everything and function like human beings object the quest of being used for research. Nagel's Theory of Consciousness “What Is It Like To Be a Bat?” (Nagel, 1974) take a personal viewpoint against physicalism through using the subjective character to explain how consciousness further leads to mind-body problems.

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He emphasizes that reductionists failed to address this problem pointing that for one to address the issue of consciousness it, there must be a clear presentation of both mind and body (Nagel, 1974). In this case, he stresses on the "subjective character" that in itself represents a specific organism. By this, even the excellent imagination feature like that of a bat to perceive their surroundings by use of sonar, webbing stature, and hanging upside down, still do not gives the reality to be like a bat (Nagel, 1974). In his theory, he never provides a solution to the reductionist rather he supported a belief that to narrow the reductionist point of view and gaps, there is need to change phenomenological features those that emulate specific physical account.

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