Case study on employee training and the impact of social media

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This means that their behavior ought to conform to the main values, ethics and practices that are outlined in their training. However, something clearly leads these individuals to act in a manner that is both unethical and inconsiderate towards the needs and satisfaction of FedEx customers. Another questions that needs to be asked is does there exist a communication barrier between the training team and the employees effective? As aforementioned, the employees in this case act in a manner that runs counter to the expectations and guidelines outlined in their training and orientation. If these programs are offered to all employees in an indiscriminate manner, then their behavior might be a result of a critical breakdown in communication between the individuals offering training and the employees on training.

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In fact, this question also raises the need for a communication audit, which can help identify any internal problems present in FedEx. This paves the way for more successful communication between the employees and the team in charge of training. The final question raised in this case, is how are employees’ interests addressed? This question is of particular importance because the employees’ interests play a chief role in their decision to follow through with the company’s guidelines. As seen in the FedEx case, the first employee had too many deliveries to make, a factor that played a key role in his decision to thrown the package over the gate. He was in a hurry to make the other deliveries in a timely manner.

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