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New divisions are created to assist in developing animation. Despite taking the above actions, there is still concern about the pace of production and how the company a company can grow without sacrificing quality for quantity. It is clear that the company depends on certain talents in Lasseter and Catmull to create high-quality films and increased production cannot continue with a limited amount of talent. Pixar was left without an offering after it experienced a delay while releasing "The Good Dinosaur" due to pressure it had to maintain its previous success. Pixar was majorly concerned about producing quality animation movies and not just being the only monopoly company. Disney had acquired Pixar in 2006 for an amount of $7. 4 billion. This deal had been finalized by Steve Jobs who was the Chief Executive Officer of Apple computers.

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Disney CEO Bob Iger worked hard to acquire Pixar because of the great success it had achieved in the production of animation movies. Ed Catmull, who was the president of Pixar, ensured the company's commitment to put out the best film. Both Iger and Jobs were aware of Pixar creative culture as they tried to carry some of its ideas over to Disney. The alternative was rejected because of Pixar's pressures to maintain its previous success that made it not to release "The Good Dinosaur. " The company pulled the movie away from its directors as it tried to rework the story. By 1979, Catmull and his team decided to join hands and bring together forces with famous Hollywood director George W. Lucas.

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Although they may cost30 percent less, computer-generated animated films still took considerable space to develop. However, due to the emphasis on every single detail, Pixar used to finish most of the task on a certain film before starting to handle another film. For that reason, Lasseter and Catmull decided to work o different films at the same time. But the alternative was rejected since the firm could only produce only one film per year. Therefore, this was a disadvantage to the firm. The advantage of this method is that it is easy to find more talent and more innovative thus hiring new staff that will allow increased production time without sacrificing quality. This solution was chosen because innovation and creativity are very critical in the market.

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Product quality is necessary more than product quantity. It is for this reason that Pixar aims at providing high-quality products rather than producing more quantity. It is for this reason that the release of The Good Dinosaur was delayed so that the directors would ensure that the animation would be of high quality. Therefore a company should have a mission statement and a vision statement that will steer it towards producing high-quality animation movies. Products should also be frequently monitored to ensure they still maintain high quality and in case changes are needed, they can be incorporated. Frequent market research should also be carried out to ensure the needs of those who watch such movies are met. It is recommended that continued innovation of technology and inclusion of human resources should be coupled with the aim of increasing production pace at Pixar's films.

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