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It is by itself neither good nor bad hence an organization can be affected by any occurrence of conflict depending on the route it takes to address it. As a result of a wide range of possible differences among individuals in an organization, lack of conflict within the system translates to a meaningless interaction. This paper conducts an analysis of the case study that led to conflict between Dr. Jones and Cindy by identifying the conflict, determining the cause of the conflict and providing an illustration of how I would have resolved the conflict as a manager. The conflict There is no single definition of conflict unanimously agreed by all scholars. Jones’ knowledge. Dr. Jones is confronted by the senior staff and feels betrayed by his colleague, Cindy.

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From this case study, Dr. Jones and Cindy are working in one organization and they both have organizational expectations to achieve by the end of the day. It is viewed as negative energy that derails efficiency and productivity of organization. Conflict is also considered healthy in the organization since when managed properly, it can assist in stimulating innovating thinking (Omisore & Abiodun, 2014). It also helps management to identify people and systems that are malfunctioning whereby necessary steps are taken to address the issue and bring effectiveness in the system functioning. The conflict between Dr. Jones and Cindy is both healthy and unhealthy. Jones recurring requests of rescheduling for his afternoon clients. Dr. Jones had cancelled meeting his clients twice that month pilling up the work undone since there are several clients who were supposed to meet him but he kept on rescheduling their meeting.

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Cindy who was tired of these acts and suspicious was not happy since Dr. Jones could leave with couple of colleagues to go and play golf instead of attending to his clients. Jones. Employees originate from different backgrounds with different experiences which develop and shape their personalities. Problem will be experienced at workplace where employees are unable to understand or accept the differences that exist in each other’s personality (Isa, 2016). There is contradicting evidence when personality of Dr. Jones is compared to that of Cindy. Jones and Cindy was never solved as Dr. Jones felt betrayed while Cindy resigned due to guilt. How to solve the situation in this case as a manager In the course of finding a resolution to organizational conflict, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) method can be employed to bring peace at workplace.

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According to Oni-Ojo et al. (2014), ADR method involves both conflicting parties to find out the solution to the conflict increasing their satisfaction chances with the outcomes as compared to the situation where the decision is made by the manager. Jones to bring up their thoughts about the issue. I would have asked Dr. Jones to state why he felt that it was necessary for his afternoon clinical sessions to be scheduled several times in the month and also why he saw it very applicable to be reporting to work late and leave early. I would have also asked Cindy to give her opinion why Dr. Jones should always stay in the hospital and attend to his clients without rescheduling their meeting.

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Jones would have been protected from large jury rulings and peac would have been maintained between them. Conclusion Different personalities and opposing opinions have been identified by this text as the major cause of conflict among individuals in any given organizational system. The conflict between Cindy and Dr. Jones erupted due to Dr. Jones behaviors of not attending to his clients in the afternoon, an act that was opposed by Cindy compelling her to report the matter to her manager. Organizational conflict and conflict management: a synthesis of literature.  Journal of Business and Management Research, 9, 238-244. Dr. Digvijaysinh Thakore, D.  T. Omisore, B.  O. , & Abiodun, A.  R. Organizational conflicts: Causes, effects and remedies. Overton, A. , & Lowry, A. Conflict management: Difficult conversations with difficult people.

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