Causes of violence in inmates

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Apart from the outside the prison a person raped in the prison may be able to remove himself or herself from the victim of the preparatory. Question two Define the following term Rape kit – is a container that includes check list materials, and instructions, along with envelopes and containers to help package any form of specimen collected during the examination. Statutory rape – a sexual contact with an individual who is below the legal age of consent to engage in sex. Usually refers to adults who involve in sex with minors. Posttraumatic stress disorders – is a mental disorder that can be developed when someone is exposed to traumatic event for example sexual harassment, warfare, and traffic collision. e) They need to adjust in life to avoid the idea that there is no time for taking the medication they should always consider taking the medicals on daily basis or continuously.

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Question five Problems faced by hate crime a) Culture – each community targeted in hate crimes race , nationality origin , language , colour , religion , sex , age , mental and physical disability are the major victims of hate crime. Each workers should be aware of the community norms, but must also not keep in mind that this person has a unique perspective that must be focused on. b) Prejudice that exist in the society- the crimes that occurs in the social set up are social and they have resulted from social, family , economic , and personal pressure on both the victims and the proprietors of the crime. Therefore majority argues that hate crimes need to properly understand through the living context of the preputial society. This suit gives the victims suits in the court c) Crime prevention to perpetrators victims can often sue others responsible parties.

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Civil actions provide economic incentives for crime prevention. Disadvantages a. The offender may suffer the burden of proof where he will have to pay off the victim for his damages b. Where the victims initiates and controls the case against him c. Retributive is the act performed against the state, a violation of a law an abstract ideas while restorative justice is against another or a community b. Retributive controls the crime while restorative controls lies primarily in the community. c. The offender’s accountability is defined as taking punishment and in restorative accountability is defined as assuming responsibility and taking action to repair harm. d. Encourage the victims to obtain the necessary medical care which are actually necessary for their health.

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To avoid body disorders that come as results from this. Help the victim to understand potential long term physical effects of the crime and how they actually go about it. Where the victim does not feel safe he can be protected by the attorney general to ensure proper court is carried out to avoid the unnecessary psychological disorders that may result from inferiority. Why the rate of rapes has reduce according to NCVS The series of victimization is the category as been performed to ascertain the cases of rape across the world. The neutralisation of the cases especially has also transformed any behaviour that would have resulted to rape case. The increase of proper and organised security has also helped in the reduction of rape cases.

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