The Presentence Investigation Purpose and Procedure

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Determining appropriate sentencing decisions In this case, the PSI caries much weight in the sentence which would be given by a judge because it is used in decision making. The judge can draw exhibit from it as it can serve as a charging document which would then prove the criminal conduct of the accused. The judge uses the PSI to understand the characteristics of the offender, the nature of the offense, loss to the victims, criminal history and recommendations for sentencing (Office of Probation and Pretrial Services, 2006). The supreme court of the united states declared PSI as instrumental in the sentencing of cases such as William vs. New York (1949). S. C. The PSI report, which gives recommendations by a probation officer on the details of the defendant regarding the financial, medical or criminal record would advise the court whether the application of parole or probation will be accepted(Office of Probation and Pretrial Services, 2006).

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In this case, the reports on both the victim and the defendant would inform aspect of community corrections, on early release under court-imposed conditions. PSI and sentence length and institutional placement The purpose of the PSI report is to provide the court with information on the appropriate sentence. For example, this will define the model of probation such as halfway or house arrest, electronic supervision or intensive supervision among others. PSI and treatment recommendations for offender The characteristics of the offender as captured in the PSI regarding the present situations and historical aspects. The justice system can use the PSI to determine the treatment of the offender regarding mental health issues and other medical conditions. A description of mental conditions of the offender are summarized and a description of how they have been handled (Office of Probation and Pretrial Services, 2006).

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This will then give the Bureau of Prisons the information needed to tailor supervision in the facility or parole which fits the medical conditions of the offender. Also, it entails understanding the social behaviors of the offender and improving it to become less anti-social. Based on past convictions or probation report, which in the PSI, it can assist an offender manager in having elaborate restrictions to the offender to ensure that they fulfill the sentences of requirements. Treatment options Also, the PSI can be used in treatment planning of the offender after he or she is assessed and evaluated by a correctional officer or probation officer. The purpose of the PSI is to provide verifiable and actual information of the offender to provide a mechanism which would facilitate proper rehabilitation without incurring risks.

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In this case, it would involve the physical and psychological characteristics of the offender (Office of Probation and Pretrial Services, 2006). Miele (1993), the court did not admit information which was drawn from an addict and therefore advised that officers should have background checks on individuals giving witness to the defendant. In this case, unverifiable information might lead to variance and therefore inspire the council to seek dismissal of the case(Office of Probation and Pretrial Services, 2006). To conclude, the PSI is an indispensable instrument in the determination of cases and subsequent sentencing of an offender. It functions as a corroborating tool and a point of reference during the case and would continue to be updated so that it would capture the interactions of a person with the law.

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