Sex Crime and Sex Offenders

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Blitz Attack- attacks that occur randomly without any prior planning 4. Case Attrition- when a criminal case fails to advance to the subsequent phase of the process of criminal justice 5. Classic Rape- the types of a rape case that perfectly fits within a stereotypical form of rape; it involves a stranger assaulting of the victim, visible injuries on the victim that depicts forced sexual harassment as well as the use of physical force of a weapon by the offender 6. Clearance Rate- this is the percentage of the reported criminal cases cleared through the successful arrest of the offenders. Corrective Rape- the act of raping women who are lesbians with the aim of rehabilitating them from their sexual orientation. Power-Assertive Rapist- the criminals who executes rapes that are impulsive, unplanned and spontaneous and often meet their victims by chance such as in parties or clubs 18.

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Pervasively Angry Rapists (Type 3) - they are the type of rapists denoted by low social competence, spontaneous behavior and prolonged hostility and aggressiveness towards both men and women. Plea Bargain- consensus between the prosecutor and the accused in which the accused agrees to plead guilty to acquire prosecutor’s concession in exchange for the plea. Rape- any form of sexual intercourse without a person’s consent 21. Rape Shield Laws- rules of the trial that restricts the ability of the defendant to establish evidence or interrogate victims of rape concerning their sexual behaviors of the past 22. Every category comprises of people with similar characteristics but different from those of the people in the other categories. Unfound- the resolution made by officials of enforcing the law to terminate formal charging of a reported crime 29.

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Vindictive Rapists (Type 8 and 9)- the type of rapists whose anger is directed to women thus tending to degrade, humiliate and physically cause their victims harm. Type 8 rapists have low social competence while the type 9 rapists have high social competence. Identify two attitudinal rape myths and two situational rape myths and their link to the rape commission. However, the refuting reality is that any population segment can be a victim and the act has nothing to do with physical or sexual attraction but rather more of power. The second myth is that the rapists are only men and their victims’ only women. The reality is, even though this is the most common scenario, women can be offenders and men victims too.

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Identify and describe risk factors for committing rape and assault categories with relevant examples There are five well-documented risk factors for committing rape and assault. They include; i. v. Alcohol use and abuse- individuals with increased alcohol use or abuse have a higher likelihood of being sexually violent. Increased alcohol consumption results in increased aggression Interrelated factors associated with rape on college campuses according to Krebs, Lindquist, Warner, Fisher, and Marti i. Alcohol use- this is the most common factor associated with rape on college campuses. At least half the number of all rape cases takes place when the victim, criminal or both are under the influence of alcohol. The first criminal justice response is police reporting where the law enforcement decides on whether to unfound the criminal case after evaluating it regarding clearance rates (Vandiver, Braithwaite & Stafford, 2016).

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