Change Management in Public Health

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Public health faces changes in its management in a gradual sequence. Some of these changes are electronically affected. The growths in cases of medical cases that are unpreventable, health care organization have been pressurized to adopt electronic medical records (EMRs) as a measure to lessen the issues following these adversative results (Neumeier, 2013). In spite of this change being of benefit to the health sector, its implementation is dawdling. There are changes taking effect in the healthcare system in the United States. For the implementation of these technology change is inevitable, however, if some people are against it, then, it becomes a fairly strenuous task to introduce. In order to implement this change in the health sector, major stakeholders have to be consulted and informed of the benefit and need for the change (Neumeier, 2013).

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  Another hindrance to the implementation of the change was the fear of human replacement by technology. Most of the work an EMER does is what is done by most nurses in an organization. Implementing this technology would mean a cut in the human labor required in the specific fields. EMRs are digital records or charts in a healthcare facility that contain information on patients’ medical reports or records. Electronic records in healthcare organizations facilitate access to a patient’s data which help health care providers to improve on their patient safety and patient care policy. Yale-New Haven Health adapted this change with the aim of benefiting from its quality service. Impacts of Electronic Medical Records to Public Health A nation that is in need of stabilizing its economy improving healthcare services and facilities is among the right directions to take.

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It takes citizens in good health shapes to build a nation and to keep its economy in a proper arraignment, therefore, improvements in the healthcare sector is a paramount objective. In meeting their daily goals, doctors used the electronic medical records in keeping tabs on their tabs, which improved the patients’ privacy and data protection since it was viewed by the appropriate physicians. And lastly, it reduced cost due to minimal paperwork required. These benefits of EMRs are the reasons that curtailed the organization to adapt the changes and implement them at the facility (HealthIT. Gov, 2018). Christopher O’Connor positively influenced the implementation of the technology at the organization. Creating a climate for change In this phrase the there are two stages, Firstly, a sense of urgency.

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A major mistake made in the effort to attempt change is the allowing of complacency (Kotter, 2012). To avoid resistance from people this stage is important, it helps them have a front row seat of the effects of change and why it is needed. Secondly, creating a guiding coalition, in order to build on change, the members of the organization need to be on the same page having, they should have the knowledge, the skill, the credibility and the influence needed to effect change (Kotter, 2012). This stage should explain the intended achievement to the change and the vision that the other members can relate with. In conclusion, change is inevitable and with it comes a positive reward or a negative one. However, one should not consider change as a vice but adapt to it and live by the new rules introduces.

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