Childhood and Social Institution

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State should also make sure that society respects the rights which the children possess. A child is any person below 18years of age as explained by the United Nations Charter. In agreement with the ideologies decreed in the United Nations Charter, it is entailed that members of the human family are entitled to equal rights because family serves as the source of the liberty and integrity in the world. The family is the most important group in the society and the basis for the growth the children, ought to be offered the necessary care so that it can fully undertake its responsibilities in the society. Children posses numerous rights such as the right to live, right to education and the freedom of expression and peaceful assembly that safeguard them from exploitation and suffering.

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Besides, the State is entitled to respect the children freedom of association and peaceful assembly. Children should be free to associate with any person and a society of their choice. Children also have the right to be protected from any unlawful attacks interfering with the child’s privacy, home or attacks on his or her honor and status. Therefore, the state parties should be ready to offer the protection as per the laws of the state. A child also has the right to benefit from the childcare services and facilities from the working parents. State Parties are the one who ensures that no child is denied the right of accessing good health care services. Children with mental and physical disability are entitled to receive special care and enjoy a decent life.

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State parties should ensure that the child is actively participating in the community and any required assistance is offered for free. State also recognizes the child’s right to education, and the government has implemented the right by ensuring that primary education is free and compulsory to all children. The government has also made higher education available and reachable to all in the foundation of capability by every suitable ways. In some extreme situations, some children are beaten up for not working to the standards of the organization which has hired them. This labor also denies the children their most basic and crucial right to education which represents community loss and reduced economic and social responsibility potential of the children and their country.

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Children are also forced to engage in business which is not appropriate for children. Prostitution and pornography are the most noted activities which many teenagers are introduced to. These businesses can lead to killer diseases which also can affect the society. The affected states should also take the appropriate measures by first removing the affected children from any form of child labor and providing rehabilitation and social integration as a way of giving hope to them. State should also ensure that the affected children are taken back to schools and offered the basic needs for free. Standardization of Schooling In the past years, the standardized curricula have been criticized for its lack of creativity in the teaching process. However, its benefits are more than its negative aspects as discussed below.

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Standardization of schooling is very important in both efficiency and accountability of the school. Regular school attendance is very important in the preparation of a child for better performance in school and success in life. If a parent makes school attendance a priority for the child, he/she helps the child to perform better in school and develop good and healthy habits and also avoid dangerous behavior. Regular school attendance also helps in bettering the child’s chances of graduating with better grades from high school. Large institutional settings encourage standardization in their activities. This is because these institutions are goal-oriented and they always try to make sure that everything done in these institutions is accountable for. It is evident that children should be given the best attention in the society and their rights should not be violated.

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