China candid the people on the people's republic by ye sang analysis

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Sang conducted an interview over a period of four years. The author traveled through China and interviewed over 100 Peoples Republic of China citizens. Most of the people the author interviewed are every day, normal, and uncelebrated individuals and have not had a public voice in this history (Sang p. The book tells the respondent history which is a history of contemporary China. Candid china presents an alternative growth and development history of China since its birth as a socialist state in 1949 till today. Even the simple machinery used to farm the land was foreign. The work in the mines and roads were underskilled. The worker believes that things have changed a lot and is against the socialist party (Sang, p. China technological development has grown gradually from importing advanced equipment to producing its own advanced equipment's; indicating that the socialist China economy was poor and underdeveloped but the respondent has been exasperated by how rapid the country has developed due to economic reforms.

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To realize communism workers were organized into people’s communes (Yang, p. China lastly became a market economy, which involves everyone. The market economy increased business growth in china and boosted the earning of the poor. From the response in a hero for the times, the author thought that socialism has triumphed but in meeting Zhao whose story was that of frustration and discrimination in chapter ten,-consuming habit -the author get an alternative view on the issue. The respondent laments the increase in fake goods that are locally produced in Hunan province, China (Sangp. Which is as a result of a market economy. Work cited Sang, Ye, Geremie Barmé, and Miriam Lang. China candid: the people on the People's Republic.

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