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The author argues that before a computer program operates there are scores of rules that the program must follow. In other words, a computer does not have the basic understanding of life issues that are displayed by the human brain. According to the American philosopher, the human brain undertakes scores of activities, unlike a computer program which undergoes the Turing test. This test is an understanding of laid out semantics that in no way depict the ability of the human brain. The author fronts that human minds are super computational, unlike computer programs. The brain must make its calculations, count the losses and risks and finally come up with a single process of doing some things. The human brain is rather an intricate organ that was modeled for humans (Searle 1990).

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The brain undertakes scores of activities that are not conducted by any computer. For instance, the brain has to make a further different procedure beyond displaying outputs from the induced inputs. The brain has to make a goal which is to realize the result that best fits the problem it faces. A program should thus show an explicit understanding of the use of computer models which can identify human behavior and act in such a manner that the human mind would respond. Therefore computer programs are rather programs which neither are set to reflect the thinking of a human being and are thus nor simulated with a model that is beyond the mind of a human being. In contrast, they are made to behave similarly to the human mind in different conditions which explains the reason as to why they remain in the human touch.

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In any case, AI uses what is already known to automate systems. Unlike the human brain, computer systems cannot understand what is new or in simple words what they do not know. A computer is a conscious object that has a set of rules whereby human activities are strictly defunded and the results placed in a homogenate manner such that answers made to a particular question are even (Searle 1990). On the other hand, the human brain is more of a synonymous entity that can have a wide range of answers for a particular issue. For instance, consciousness, computation, information, and cognition are some of the aspects that are placed at the mercy of the human brain. The human being's brain is such a powerful tool that regardless of the environment that it is placed in, consciousness is unequivocal.

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It simply means that regardless of the condition of the human mind, it is expected to judge between the natural and that which is not natural. In any case, they displayed the bad side of a robot. They displayed an occurrence where an AI manufactured program worked to kill human effort and led to the deaths of so many people in the films. The film indicates a setting where a VOC-COMP test had been placed to control the activities that were undertaken by the robot. However, the robot was too blind to note that it had been placed to evoke positive emotional responses such as laughter and providing electrical solutions to the human brain. On the extreme edge, however, the robot acts in a somewhat irrational manner as opposed to the way it has been set.

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They are replicative of an artificial brain that lacks creativity when there is no semantics to guide it (BLADE RUNNER 2049 - "Black Out 2022" Anime Short, 2017). Just like in the film, the robots may act in a manner different from which they were set. Human life may be lost in the onslaught and as well, the loss of critical business information unlike the in the case of a human being. Artificial Intelligence has been applied in the business world and as well in the scientific world for a few decades. It is a branch of science which seeks to prove that automated machines can be instilled with human knowledge and act in the same manner a human being would act in different situations.

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