Cloud Computing Changing the Workplace

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Through cloud computing business organizations can reach to new heights of communication that were unreached before with favorable prices. Communication can be done in a faster way with many available options. This enhances the use of the central model is preferable by many organizations. Cloud computing provides affordable and dependable connections for communication, easing communication between employees and other business organizations. The speed of cloud computing has increased therefore reducing the latency of communication (Joshi & Tikar, 2015). A company, especially small organizations would rather use cloud computing than establish their own business infrastructure to store data (Eustace, 2012). Cloud computing provides for data recovery. All organizations should heavily invest in disaster recovery, especially for their data. For small organizations, this provides a better alternative in terms of the cost expenditure.

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Cloud computing is more appropriate for smaller businesses because it does not need a large up-front investment and gets the advantage of a third party expertise in cloud computing (Eustace, 2012; Gangwar & Date, 2016). RESEARCH PLAN: This draft is a product of my personal views on the effects of cloud computing to business organizations. Information that is well delved on is the social, economic, and educational impact of cloud computing. However, consistent use of computers causes computer vision problems. My research will search if cloud computing can provide a solution to this problem. I will research thoroughly on the problems such as usability, security, and appropriate programming abstractions for computer vision problems. Critical Factors of Cloud Computing Adoption in Organizations: An Empirical Study.

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