Collaboration Technologies and IT Infrastructure

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In project development or an organization, they allow team members to discover, share, engross and connect remotely in evocative ways that assist them to learn and enhance the decision-making process (Partanen-Hertell 68). Collaboration tools promote team process by providing ease of communication, information sharing, coordination, improves the quality of social interaction, and significantly impacts the team process performance. Today, it is unrealistic for forward-thinking companies to rely on traditional meeting room technologies entirely. In their research Wahl, and Kitchel, indicate companies lose up to 15 valuable minutes at the beginning of each meeting. However, a business or a project well equipped with immersive collaboration technology, spur meeting productivity by maintaining the creative momentum of the group and facilitating the equal sharing of essential data at every level to draw precisely informed conclusion faster (30).

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Collaboration tools deliver considerable benefits to an organization as they facilitate multiple stakeholders meeting which drives quick decision making and can bring everyone into one place, in the real time allowing them to work effectively together; collaborate flexibly and use multiple devices in one shared workspace which helps accelerate decision making. Besides, collaboration tools help increase inter-organizational communication, saves travel and communication cost, contribute to faster access to knowledge and experts, and help improve overall employee satisfaction. Google doc is one of the Collaboration tools with a variety of features which makes collaboration easy and intuitive (Blättner 16). It supports file sharing, collaboration suits, online storage, and various synchronous tools that enable many hands to manipulate a document or share information from remote location simultaneously.

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Google doc work in actual time and is harmonized across entities which allow a maximum of 50 team members to share files for viewing and editing, and enables them to collaborate on a project over the web simultaneously (Blättner 16). Beside google doc, there are other several collaboration tools which support the team process. Wrike is one of the most collaboration tools with excellent features which accelerate team process and help keep members in sync and updated with each other’s tasks and activities (Woodrich and Fan 395). While for the meetup, most organization or business prefer to use webinar, Skype, and Zoom for video conference. Contrarily, there are also some issues associated with collaboration tools. The principal challenge of virtual team collaboration is that there is no actual contact or face-to-face interaction.

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