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d). OCFS dedication is in enhancing the integration of the children, the youth, and all vulnerable populations in New York. They do this by protecting them from abuse, abandonment, neglect, and violence. There exists systems that support families, child welfare services, child care, and juvenile justice and all these encourage the welfare and the security of kins in general and the children (New York State Office of Children and Family Services, n. d). It has between 5001 and 10,000 employees (New York City Administration for Children’s Services, n. d). Being a government agency, funding is from the government and the year 2015 saw the agency receive $2. 95 billion from the overall city budget of $77 billion. The mission of ACS is to offer protection to all children and support families.

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In both ACS and OCFS, I will work with the juvenile justice department. I will help guide the children offenders on the right path to positive change in their ways (City Vision University, 2018). Additionally, I will involve the parents in the process to help them during this painful a period when they have to watch their children going through the justice system. The aim will be to ensure spiritual growth, creation of faith-based groups in the detention facilities and also for the families that have children in jail to help restore their hope and offer them opportunities to get healing. Through this faith based counselling the children and youths in juvenile will get to become aware of their sinful and unrighteous ways and aim to change.

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When the families are stable, there will be less cases of child exploitation and desertion. I will try end the ignorance of the community and remind them of the traditional role of caring for the vulnerable children and the orphans by ensuring they support the children and their caregivers. The youths will also be taught on right behaviors such as avoidance of drug abuse and theft and the fact that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and the need to withhold sex until marriage and thus reducing the number of adolescent pregnancies. Both OCFS and ACS will support my current role as a faith-based counselor as I will refer some of the cases that need more care to the two agencies.

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For instance, youths or children who report incidences of abuse or neglect at their families. It will involve discussions on finding, the systems and the available resources in general (NCBI, 2018). Next, the goal of the collaboration will be set and the responsibilities also developed to ensure that the outcomes are met as expected. There will then be constant evaluation and revision of the plan set as the days go by. During referrals and collaborations the client will be allowed to choose their preferred community agency once they have given the consent for the referral. Client protection will be key, informed, written consent will be given by the client before I get to share out any of their information to the community agencies.

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