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The word Sikh comes from ‘shishya' meaning a follower, disciple or a student of ‘dharma. ' Both religions have different places of worship. The Christians gather in churches, chapels, cathedrals, basilica and even home dwellings while the Sikhism uses the Gurdwara for congregation worship. The Sikh also believe that personal worship can be exercised anywhere and at any time and continue to believe that God resides in everyone and in everything that exists. There are a lot of similarities and differences between the two religions. They believe God is the spirit, and a spirit can be understood by another spirit and that why after creating man-god put a spirit in him. It is through communicating through His spirit and the spirit of humankind that he makes himself known to them.

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There are several similarities between Sikhism and Christianity. One significant similarity is oneness of God. Both religions accept that God is one. It urges the Christians to keep their body clean both from sins and inappropriate earthly materials. This is also supported by the Sikhism scriptures. The Sikh way of life urges the believers to abstain from meat, alcohol, drugs and even smoking because the body as a holy temple should be respected and maintained in the most sacred way possible to serve effectively. Regarding the purpose of one's life, the Christians believe that humans were created by God to serve Him and have a close relationship with Him. They believe that is the reason why God created an entire universe fit for human life and dwelling.

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The two religions go hand in hand with some practices, but the much differ in other practices, and religious believes. Their differences come regarding what to believe and the authenticity of that belief both in Christianity and Sikhism. There are some differences between Christianity and Sikhism. One of the significant differences in the belief in prophets and children of God. The Christian religion focuses on the teachings and beliefs of Jesus alone. Christians believe that the bible was not authored by Jesus but by human beings inspired by the Holy Spirit and since then the bible has undergone through an uncountable number of transitions. Although the message in the bible is still relevant there questions if the word in it as per now is the original word revealed to the original authors through the Holy Spirit.

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There might be changes or more so distorted word in the bible because of the many transitions did to it. Again the bible has been translated into countless languages in the world, and the original message may be altered or somewhat in some cases the message might be changed as a result of the same. On the other side, the Sikh scriptures have been changed only twice since its existence. Guru Nanak terms God as the God of love but says that men and women should not fear God's wrath but should be more afraid of lacking all His benefits of love. In contrast to this, the Christian religion believes that according to the scripture of the holy bible God is termed as holy and righteous.

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They believe that when Gods holy standards are violated He releases his wrath, but yet the wrath is incompatible with his love and mercy He has for the humankind. The disagreement continues in that the Sikhs tends to reject the uniqueness of Christ who the Christians believe is the only way to get to God. The Sikh says that He is the same with Buddha, Moses, Mohammed, and the Gurus and all that are paths leading to God. Another practice common in the three religions is charity. The believers in the three religions believe that helping the less privileged is not a service to humanity but also service to God. In Islam, it is said that even a half a date-fruit offered in charity is worth saving a person from hellfire.

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