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Computer science can be subdivided into two disciplines; practical and theoretical. The theoretical discipline involves abstract and mathematical spirit; however, its motivation is derived from day-to-day computation and practicality. It aims at understanding the computation nature and this knowledge provides more effective methodologies. All mathematical related studies, formal and logic methods and concepts may be viewed as a theoretical discipline of computer science as long as its motivation is drawn clearly from the computing field. The algorithms and structures of data involve the study of methods of computations used commonly together with their computational effectiveness. The field further focuses on how systems of computers combine into the bigger picture and not only on how they work. The common tasks in computer engineering comprise of firmware and software writing for rooted micro-controllers, designing of chips, analog sensor designing, combined signal circuit board designing and operating system designing.

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It is also under this field that engineers are fit for research of robotics which heavily relies on the use of digitalized systems in controlling and monitoring electrical systems such as sensors, motors, and communications. The areas of specialty in this field include coding, data protection and cryptography whereby the development of new ways of protecting various data, for instance, digital music and images, fragmentation, infringement of copyrights as well as other tampering forms. Examples here include working on wireless communication, multi-antenna system, and optical transmissions as well as digitalized watermarking. Organizations ought to have frameworks for dealing with successful and attempted attacks. A well-respected framework and one that explains how to detect attacks, secure the systems, react to the threats and recuperate from any successful attack.

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