Conflict between Religion and Science

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Those explanations based on religion focus on belief existing in societies. Conclusions arrived at in each discipline is based on time, place and context. Each discipline gives its own theoretical knowledge that proves it superior over the other. Religion and science are two disciplines that try to conflict each other in the social way of life. The two disciplines give knowledge on certain aspects of life within social contexts. Science tries to make new discoveries through observable means and experimentation. It finds out the laws connecting facts to social aspect of the society. For instance, Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution gives a scientific explanation on evolutions into present day living organisms. Sciences gives a theoretical interlink to scientific knowledge even to those who are not scientists (Davis, 2004). Religion on the contra is perceived to be complex as compared to science due to its elements of composition; church, creed and morals of individuals. Creeds are the main sources of intellectual conflicts in between science and religion. The movie Contact 1997 in its surface meaning to the target audience can be perceived just as a normal film meant to entertain or generate economic value. This movie pictures antagonism between religion and science. Through the movie we try to see religious belief on the existence of God and the contra; God doesn’t exist. Religion is depicted powerless, hypocritical and on the harm of human kind. In the film, the priest who attended Ellie’s father burial can’t answer her questions. Apart from him, Drumland a follower of God is self- serving and revengeful.

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There is an enduring struggle between science and religion over the centuries. From the movie, Contact 1997, their depiction of how the imbalance happens. At the start of the movie, a young girl, Ellie Arroway and her father are communicating through short-wave radio as they see through a telescope. Personal faith and belief determine our perceptions towards the existence of God. In a great percentage of researchers and scientists believe their no existence of God showing their extent of atheism (Davis, 2004). They perceive themselves as either atheists or agnostic. For instance, Ellie she is agnostic. She questions on the existence of God though in her tender age she has been to church through Sunday school. Religion is based on speculations on matters such as definite knowledge therefore being unascertainable. It induces dogmatic belief knowledge that helps us to differentiation between good or bad towards the universe.

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From the opposite end, science gives recognitions to human reasoning over the authority of religion or tradition. From some arguments, religion is perceived to be a human imagination rather than a rationale response to divinity. Individual decisions either to believe in God or denounce religion is accompanied with its known consequences from the society. From one of the scientists’ explanation, the universe was created by God. Another scientists goes on the extreme and points out, the creation of the universe would not be viable without an intellectual input. Scientists try to give reasons behind the existence of certain phenomena. At the experimentation of Ellie, his counter renown scientist Michael Drumland who tries to fault her experimentation on the basis their no existence of extraterrestrial life and banns her from accessing the telescope.

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Among scientist there exist some doubts among their fellow scientists work. With religion experimentation to support social belief is very little. Though philosophers may come in and try to give explanations on religion, its proof remains in doubt among scientists. Religion has diverse perception on scientific discoveries on baselines that some inventions are against norms therefore immoral. Adaptation among religious individuals into emerging virtual cultures is a big area of concern. Religion tries to assign meaning on what is obscene in discoveries. Davies, in the chapter “The Spiritual Cyborg,” human beings are perceived as reductions of science where by humans are known neo-Darwinian DNA robot (Davis, 2004)s. Visions and spiritual values are conceptions based on belief and try to hinder realities. There are external sources that shape our knowledge frameworks such as scientific findings.

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The extent in which information is communicated to us shapes our realities and facts. Technological communications such as films, photographs, use of mobile phones are designed in a manner that create perception on the existence or non –existence of something. Though this argument remains, other individuals have cogent arguments to justify this commonality of limited rationale therefor unacceptable. From the movie, arguments between Ellie and Joss try to explicit the existence of God. Ellie consciously says she doesn’t believe whether God exists. Postmodernism is seen to replace existentialism with people being in a position to reject ideas such as truth, certain ideas or linguistic definitions. It tries to perceive there is no science, no truth or reason to phenomenon in the society (Gardner, 2000). Reference Davis, Erik. TechGnosis: Myth, Magic and Mysticism in the Age of Information.

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London, UK: Profile Books, (pp. Gardner, Martin. Readings in the Philosophy of Science: from positivism to postmodernism.

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