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Finally, the paper will develop a performance appraisal program and highlight a rationalization for the same. My Dream Job Specifications and Description I aspire to become a store manager in a sportswear company. Having clear job specifics is extremely important. Therefore, there needs to be a clear expectation of how to run a successful sporting goods store to allow an employee to play a major role in the success of the store. Being the manager at the store, it will take extreme dedication and hard work to make sure that the company is hiring great talents to make sure that it is servicing customers and maintain a clear understanding of the goals of the store to grow this company from one store to multiple stores. Indeed, retaining top talents in any organization is paramount.

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As such, designing compensation and benefits package should go in line with maintaining employee loyalty. A sustainable compensation package should address the acronym SMART. S=strategic. A company should evaluate its goals and consider its future while at the same time rewarding competent employees. For compensation, the salary for this position is $95,000 with a bonus structure of up to 55% of the annual salary. This would give the store managers the opportunity to make close to $147,250 if they were able to meet 100% of their goals. The bonus goals would be based on Sales, Customer Service Levels, Shrink Levels and talent development. This salary with the ability to yield a bonus of up to 55% of their salary was chosen because the base pay is extremely competitive for this area and the ability to bonus up to 55% will give the store manage extreme motivation to be successful in all of the bonus categories.

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Additionally, the compensation package would include travel for training and any out of pocket expenses in the business. Rationalization of the Compensation Package Drafting and implementing a compensation and benefits package requires the incorporation of research into the already existing and functional compensation and benefits packages within a similar industry. When deciding what the compensation package and the benefits package should look like, I researched similar sportswear companies that have the position of a store manager to make sure that the package was competitive in the market. The reward package needs to be equipped with immediate key advantages such as two weeks' vacation, a competitive salary, and bonus opportunities to draw a candidate in for a position that is so important to a company. The salary was chosen based on the area of where the store is located and on competitor's salary scale in a similar field.

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If there were no other similar competitors one could use for a reference, then the best thing to do would be to look at the cost of living, working hours, and workload it would take for this store manager to be successful in his or her position. Four key areas would be of focus while designing the program. They include quality of work, adherence to the institution's policies, knowledge of job roles and responsibilities, and ability to complete yearly goals. Designing would begin with developing a performance plan. The latter would be dependent on the institution's goals, job responsibilities, and objectives as outlined in the company's employee handbook. The various functions of the appraisal program would include evaluating my ability to respond to assigned duties and meet deadlines, reviewing of all sportswear sold on an annual basis, evaluating the total amount of incentives received following the completion of duties and aiding in workshops and training programs.

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Effective Communication Skills: The aspect requires employees to demonstrate both oral and written skills of communication. That will serve in assisting communication to various external stakeholders. Communication done with the outside parties demonstrates courtesy and efficient conveyance of the message. The inquiries placed by the external stakeholders such as apprentice providers, students among others are appropriately addressed. The written records should be concise and simple to comprehend besides having no errors. S. Office of Personnel Management that guides supervisors prior to designing a performance appraisal. The criterion includes: • documentation of employee response from employer • preparing a copy of worker's performance plan • self-evaluation documents including projects completed by employees • A review of the responsibilities and duties of the employee for purposes of evaluating whether they have met expectations. The supervisor should be ready to address the performance of the employee • Evaluating if the employee has performed their duties promptly and with quality.

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Be sure to review areas of performance that need improvement or those that have improved since the last appraisal.

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