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To make sure the criminal justice process is delivered via all processes involved there are contingencies there are structures and systems put in place although the systems contain some flaws or natural cracks that can be worked out with time and give a breakthrough to equal delivery of justice. Summarize all of the steps between arrest, pre-trial, trial, and appeals (both state and federal appeal possibilities). An arrest is an initial thing in the criminal justice process. This can occur when a crime is committed or some other times a crime may not be committed. If in any case, a state officer has any case relating to the attorney of the district region to persuade that an individual is involved or related to any crime then he/she can be arrested(wright,2013).

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In the case of federal cases they seem to have some over power where the cases appealed but the supreme court misses the chance of hearing the case. With the state formation, it must go through supreme court to be affirmed or reformed. If the ‘supreme court’(3) chooses or acts against reviewing the case, then the first decision made stands strong and undoubted and it becomes a firm rule in control of a defendant. Explain the contingencies for each stage of proceedings and address all possible outcomes. One of the contingencies involved is where an offender is injured or sometimes killed due to ignorance or procedural violations. If in any way, the case the victim may be found to have a broken or collapsed mental status during the time when he/she commits the crime or before then the case my lack evidence and the juror may rule it as a crumbled case.

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The victims also should also be kept away from things that can be a threat or harm them or else to bar them from external pressure involving the case but not related to it at any cost. Manhas also argues that “it prevents jurors from using other sources such as electronic devices to investigate the case other than examining the direct evidence presented to them in attempts to conduct their own findings in the case which can be viewed as prejudicial” (Manhas,2014) When it comes to trial nowhere there are many aspects to consider vastly is the media which currently is everything from rocket fighting to pirate killing, the defense which involves the attorneys and the witness plus the evidence they have at hand.

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The attorney who may have brought the case must give a proof in front of the court that should not be doubted that the one prosecuted is guilty of the offense tabled and the evidence him/her carrying is nothing other than the truth and also it was not obtained forcefully away from the requirements of the law otherwise the prosecuting attorney plus the victim involved may find themselves in the middle of a problems where they can be even jailed or face state or federal charges as criminals(2, criminal law). Evidence in cases of a felony is everything and if the evidence provided lacks the strong roots it may give bad results of lesser jail term or even sometimes dropping of the case(2).

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This is facilitated by the defense lawyer in whose case he brings in strong evidence which brings about a work station in regard to the victim’s justice. There can also be established a team working with the defense attorney to bring more evidence that can even result in the client being proved innocent which in many cases brings uproar in the media. Analyze constitutional protection for the defendant work at each stage of the proceedings Not only the citizens or the general people even the suspects or those who are accused are always protected or guarded by the constitution or the laws whether it's a federal case or a state case. In our constitution, you can find that the fourth amendment only allows the arrest of a crime suspect only when there exists ‘probable cause’(3) that they are culprits or they have been really being involved in the crime.

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The next amendment then guides them through the rest of the stages. The prosecutors recently are working with the fear of their image in the face of the public. Mostly what the media does is omitting of the facts and replacing it with nonsense and rumors. The media can also fully proof someone guilty and at the same time, it can be of the idea that the said individual was after doing the crime or was involved in that crime and this negatively affects justice by the prosecutors. The other aspect I have realized is how some offenders are treated in a linen way. You find a member of the said ISIS group arrested then granted bail and that is after a mass killing of our citizens in the city center.

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