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The idea of secret communication has been applied from ancient times to secure information from adversaries, however, information security has evolved with today’s technological development. Cryptography is a popular technology that demonstrates high levels of information security during communication. It is perceived as the science of information transmission that is infeasible or impossible to make a copy or modify its content without access to its secret code. Cryptography deals with enciphering and deciphering specified messages using a secret code with the intention of cutting off adversaries to make the information known only to the intended receiver. Common areas that apply the concept of cryptography today include encryption of television, fax, in the blockchain, and computer network communication messages. However, the problem with “Secret Key Cryptography (SKC)” is accessing the key among the involved parties without the knowledge of the adversary.

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The commonly used algorithm, in this case, is AES-256, AES-192, and AES-128. “Public Key Cryptography (PKC)” is yet another essential component applied in asymmetric encryption or cryptography for effective information security. Unlike symmetric encryption, this concept includes the application of two keys during text encryption, hence making it more powerful. The involved party, in this case, share the keys through a large network or over the internet, however in a secure manner (Kessler, 8-10). Various systems such as ATMs, biometric systems, E-payment, and other security systems apply this technology to ensure security and secrecy of information among its various users. Secure and secrecy Communication The concept of securing information is the primary application of cryptography. Communication between two people can happen securely through message encryption shared between each party.

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This is achieved through various encryption such as the application of the public and secret keys. Since the key role of cryptography is to protect data from adversaries, transmission systems that use this technology use a secret key or code used to lock and unlock the content of the message. Also, also the use “public-key infrastructure (PKI)” is evident in this area to ensure a secure connection is achieved, especially in large systems such as computer networks. This is technology is used in credentialing systems and in electronic money systems such as “Electronic Funds Transfer” as a form of competence or qualification. Digital Signatures and cybersecurity A message can successfully be authenticated with the help of a digital signature. With cryptography, the receiver is able to tell that the message is from a specified sender.

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Thus, digital signatures must be complex to duplicate and should be credible and bind both parties. The other future cryptography trend may be the introduction of “end-to-end and link-by-link” methods of encryption through the application of the public key concept to boost security. Cryptography is an essential area in computer technology that uses encryption methods to achieve confidentiality of information. This technology has become an integral aspect of today’s life, based on its vast application. The commonly known concepts in cryptography are “Secret Key Cryptography (SKC), Public Key Cryptography (PKC), and Hash Functions. ” Cryptography uses include secure communication, authentication, and identification, secret sharing, electronic commerce, used in credentialing systems and digital signatures among other uses. princeton. edu/~chazelle/courses/BIB/overview-crypto.

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