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An example, working from one country to the other will need knowledge on the culture of that country and how you can assimilate and copy with the main aspect of the culture for the success of your business. We have some countries which do have cultures which are close to the others. However, for some far countries and most the ones situated in different continents have divergent ways of life. In my case for writing this essay, I have a friend from Latina America who wishes to invest and be part of the entire large market of China. His interest to carry out business meeting with other shareholders in the country and plan for processes to start the venture will require him to know the Chinese culture extensively and how it is related and different from the Latin American which is part of United States. This report will analyze and interpret the elements of culture which are distinctive in the Chinese culture and how they are different in the Latin America and the way to be prepared for them as a new investor in that country. Chinese is an interesting culture to study about, as what we mostly know about, is not the reality, through research. Making the right and reasonable interaction will be important if we know the basic of that culture. Through studying other people culture is the sincere way to address the differences in culture and thus the need to embrace diversity at large in place of work.

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Moving to other nation means you to shy away from some of the elements of your culture from home which doesn't please customers in the new place of work and work harmoniously with your customers (ZHANG, &Y. Social culture describes the way entities of interacting like families and communities are related and arranged. In China, they are quite formal, and as an individual you know where you belong and to abide within the guidelines of that hierarchy. Crossing from one order of social unit to the other is not allowed. This possibly means working in China as a new investor you have to know the limitations and levels of interacting to avoid conflicting with the rules of the society. You should not borrow the American way of lack of boundaries and the sensitization for the socialization of all people regardless of age, gender, and sexual orientation.

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Americans believe in confronting the person in mistake direct and no need to wait and the need to understand you are wrong and thus the essence to change for good. Collectivism and individualism are two diverse terms which have been widely addressed in the whole for many cultures, and in by the anthropologists a lot has been mentioned about them. People and scholars have different thoughts and critiques about the two. The main country and source of individualism are united states, and its citizens strive for this in their goals. Many of the more prominent entrepreneurs in the country have achieved their dreams and investments alone. However, this is not the case with Chinese people who put little consideration to time and take time to respond. Chinese people believe time to be a suggestion of something to be done and this is common through their late meeting and ending them in the wrong time (Chinadaily.

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Com, 2019). If your working in a business with a Chinese and you’re an American, you may be waiting for a report on sales progress from a Chinese employee and end up getting several days afterward. According to Chinese people, this is normal and often happens. Customers will tend to buy and work where they are valued and respected. Handled with care and their thoughts, views, and claims are acted upon accordingly. Americans believe in personal space and privacy. Since immemorial, united states residents have valued privacy for their products and documents and their issues. This is not exceptional when it comes to business matters; they expect seriousness and confidentiality of what prevails in the cash flows and sales statements from the other business in the industry. The whole of the population consists of this ethnic and thus the spirit of collectivism in the country.

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This means China is reluctant in embracing cultural diversity (Bloch, 2019). However, this doesn't affect at a great extent the prosperity of business as many of the people are innovative and skilled. The education system of China focuses on technical and hand skills for its people. This is a challenge to the American investors who have been born in a multicultural environment and believe in its strength for the success of their business. If you start to have a new business location for your need to look into the intercultural relations and this can hurt other people if you don't want their humility. You need to be sensitive and serious on the comments you make about the success and the Chinese culture of humility. Finally, on the culture of the Chinese and of great importance when starting a larger business is their way of contracting.

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Americans believe in putting everything into a paper, and thus an agreement means every business the Latin American carry out view it as a contract. The terms are laid out clearly and have to be followed on both parties involved in the transaction. Differences between Chinese and American Culture. DEStech Transactions on Social Science, Education and Human Science icaem (2016). Cultural Differences Between China And The US[1]- Chinadaily. Com. Cn". Bloch, Mila. Cultural Differences Between America And China. Etiquetteoutreach. Com, 2019, http://www. etiquetteoutreach.

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