Cyber crime and fraud among online market places

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E-commerce Online marketplaces work in the same principle as real-life shopping avenues where people can buy assorted goods at one place but from various sellers. The difference comes by virtue that one is conducted online and which makes the platform bigger, with an added advantage of a wider variety of goods than any ordinary offline platform (Yuval, 2019). These online platforms are flexible and have an added advantage over retailers, who may be limited by the inventory they can buy in, sell, and ship. They can partner with thousands of sellers to create a marketplace that sells everything a customer could possibly want, or be far more selective and curate a smaller selection of sellers targeted for their customers’ needs. Apart from providing a different experience for consumers, the main difference between marketplaces and traditional e-commerce companies is the complex relationship between many consumers and many sellers, and the unique challenges that come with this market platform.

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In some cases, such people have used fake details to login and make cash on delivery orders that go unfulfilled, leading to countless losses to Amazon, especially where perpetrators use fake physical addresses and phone numbers. By recognizing suspicious activities such as a focus on large orders, stakeholders may help prevent possible over placements without ultimate pay. Also, there is a need to scrutinize thoroughly phone numbers, email addresses or zip codes used by customers to ensure that only legible and genuine customers are served with Amazon’s products. Besides, the genuineness of a client can be substantiated by developing an automated call demanding them to validate their identity and delivery locations. Amazon has discretely fallen victim to online scammers. Even though a few cases of cybercrime may be prosecuted, most of such cases are never followed up through the legal process as they involve the use of fake identities.

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It is therefore advisable that when signing up or accessing Amazon accounts, users need to emphasize additional guarantees and consider the 2 step verification authentication, in particular, to bolster individual security needs of a customer. The authentication algorithms change quite often, hence Amazon users should select an easy to update framework that can be regularly and consistently reviewed as a security measure to prevent illegal access. As represented below, the graph shows the levels of fraud in America according to Javelin study conducted in 2017. Ways of managing unauthorized access to Computer Systems Containment According to Davies et al. Successful actions against the victims of privacy breach have been made public to warn possible victims planning on similar intrusions. Sometimes, monitoring information system usage patterns and analyzing its possible abnormalities may help in detecting possible threats in time, hence saving the system from fraudulent activities by hackers.

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It may be an expensive venture for an organization, but still, it is an effective way of preventing possible illegal access to information in an organization. Another way of counter managing possible access to information systems is by predicting areas perceived as prone to attack and developing defense mechanisms for the highlighted systems. Installing antimalware and another virus detecting programs across all systems of an organization is one way to defend information systems in an organization that suspects malpractice in terms of accessing confidential data (Davies et al. In case of an attack, recovery as an approach focuses on restoring normalcy in the operations of an organization, without causing much tension and disruption. Based on effective organizational planning, recovery helps in managing various emergencies that may occur in an organization, without suffering significant damage or loss (Hardcastle, 2019).

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In the event of emergencies, well-established organizations like Amazon may opt to create a backup site that enables information processing to be switched easily to a secondary site. Reflection The Internet is fast changing lifestyles of people today through online shopping and other life-enhancing experiences. I like shopping a lot and for the past couple of years, I have been using Amazon as the source of most of my needs. T department staff and security experts Help in bringing out a true picture of the various forms of system hacking, which would be an educative forum for many stakeholders. I. T learning programs and training Staff, I. T and forensic security experts The lessons would offer adequate knowledge relevant to managing computer information systems.

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