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In this regards, therefore, this project uses interface prototyping to achieve the following objectives; Identification of the initial validation of the user requirement that is already within the system of the project. Boosting the attitude of the user by showing them that the system is already set and something is already running to make the user develop the sense of ownership for the already existing situation. The frequency of prototyping is ideal for interface redesigning since it is a hint in boosting the rate at which the user interacts with the system since it ensures there is the existence of the reduced usability flows and at the sometimes fewer adjustments required in the process of work. User interface prototyping is a key approach that helps to boost the frequency of communication between the management of the system and all the stakeholders involved in its smooth operations.

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Besides visualizing the design concept, prototyping equally helps interactively and this is achieved through the interactive way and also the support of the expressing of new requirements and expectations geared towards the proposed system. The applicable software for the creation of an interactive prototype depends on the general use, for instance, the HTML or the PowerPoint. Interactive prototype 5. 1 Justification of the interface As indicated in question 3, the service prototypes are in most cases quick-and-Dirty prototypes designs from papers as well as other stationary materials that aim at the visualization of the extent at which the design service will obtain information together with the individuals involved in the various stages and the entire service process. Usually, service prototypes are constructed in a 3D structure within a flat surface mostly on a table or a flat desk.

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However, the characters of the customers, services of the vendors or the stakeholders are in most cases inhibited by Lego which exhibit the stimulations normally taking place in the instances of operations. The same way the military terms are used in making abstract in a factual arguments is the same manner the object containers are used in making file system more accurate. The functionality of metaphor incorporates the creation of links between documents. It helps to identify the sources and destinations of links, and the sending of information takes explicitly place within the links. It is important to realize that there exist other possible metaphors similar to the reception of data and relaying them through pipes or maybe similar to the electronic transfer of data from the source to the destination and in this case, a link is created through the use of wires.

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Therefore, when scrutinizing metaphor, we looked into the connection as well as other properties of information that exists both from the beginning and the end. Our design strictly complies with the consistency matters in the essence that the screen elements are not meant to appear consistence with the other. All similar elements within the system are brought together, and the unrelated are separate. Finally, our system is made in a way that it is tolerant and flexible and ensures it reduces all the impending costs and any misuse through the provision of the undoing and redoing as well as implying all the necessary mechanisms to ensure it reduces all the errors as much as possible by ensuring that it tolerates any input inserted and observing and maintaining the sequences as well as interpretation of any instrumental action.

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4 The interaction device I used in this project is one that is capable of enabling effective control of the software application or the hardware device and therefore, I choose to use the phone. Using a phone will enable an extension of human-computer interaction and ensure proper monitor and control; whereby, the users of the interface will be the students, instructors, and the staffs. Ideally, this color is distinctive and makes easy to recognize something within the device and recall it. Both images and Moving images used in the system contains a powerful characteristic that helps in attracting the attention of the user hence communicating the value of the information the interface intends to display. The photos are more than mare decorations and since it contains the powers of making or breaking the experience of the use.

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