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Just as every other organization, HLO affects and also get affected by its environs. Being an organization, it also has a specific structure that shows the relationships of various activities that take place within the body such as subdivisions and their responsibilities, authority and assignment of roles. The organizational structure consists of Associate members, Executive Board and the Secretariat. Associate members consist of all the HLO members that have a right to cast their votes in order to formulate policies, administrative and budgetary issues of the organization. The executive board which consists of a certain number of elected members and are tasked with the role of preparing agenda of the organization and it can also decide on any emerging issues of the organization's financial resources in dealing with events that are urgent.

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The technology in use is quite costly especially when the use of the hearing aid becomes continuous and audiological rehabilitation accompanies the use. In the case of use of implants, it is quite costly when the implants are fitted at an earlier age, but the benefits and the realized results of their usage surpass costs incurred and thus achieving the main objective of the organization which is to ensure a healthy living (Cummings & Worley, 2014). Using improved technology in aiding hearing of the affected is effective in that it helps in recovering the lost productivity due to unemployment and early retirement when hearing impairment is corrected for the affected individuals. Another positive result realized due to the use of improved technology is a reduction in societal costs.

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These costs are experienced when there are frustrations, communication barriers, and stigmatization that affect individuals with hearing impairment. Monitoring of the health systems and their efficiency is improved in such a manner that administrative systems can conduct their policies conveniently and the public is assured of more benefits within the health sector. WRITTEN ACTIVITY QUESTION 1 This research study focuses on the importance of the organizational structure of a college. It remains focused on the important issues touching on the merits of having laid down structures that help in the smooth operations of a higher learning institution, in this case, a college. The research follows procedures that facilitate the operations and ensure proper follow up of the faculties and courses for the proper efficacy of the college.

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Further, the research also focuses on the types of facilities like accommodations that are provided to students. In other words, the institution should ensure the humble environment is provided for both trainings of students and its managerial affairs (Dahlstrom & Bichsel, 2014). Availability of IT in a college has been attributed to aiding smooth and faster operational activities of institutions generally. Many areas of importance in institutions have been impacted by IT, for example, managerial affairs and communication among college staff and students just to mention but a few. This technology emergence in institutions has both advantages and disadvantages to its users. To begin with, communication has been improved in colleges in a way that staff and students find it easy to pass information from places within the institution without physically being at the points and even interruption.

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Through internet access students tend to sort for help from their colleagues through emails making their research work poor in quality since they don't give it their whole time and concentration. Through technology, students also get involved in indiscipline activities like making phone calls during lectures leading to bad blood between tutors and students as tutors will have to always reprimand students at all times against this habit. Through access to internet, students find it easier for them to copy from other peoples' work leading to cheating in their examinations a vice that is not allowed by the college administration. In conclusion, IT has made it conducive for students and college students and staff to smoothly run their daily affairs at the institutions but on the other hand, it has also posed challenges to the said people.

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