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It involves defining objectives, staffing, controlling and directing. Project managers create a pool of resources as skills, resources and time constrain. Projects take through cost, time and performance. Project managers balance between resources, period to undertake the project and quality of the project. It is involves initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closure. This my area of choice on project managemet cycle. Quality management is the process of ensuring that a project meets the concept of design and set objectives. It is the process of assessing the final output of a project in relation to what was formulated. Quality is defined as the ability of a good or project to meet the needs of an organisation. A system should be in a position to serve custromers and organisation.

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It is a continous system of assessing quality, restructuring process and updating to gain the competitive advantage. Project quality management should not only be focused on beneficiaries and target audience needs but also the the equipments and materials used. The expertise of the human resource employed determine output of the syatem. Project managers should provide equipments essential to realisation of objectives and quality systems. AREAS OF PROJECT QUALITY MANAGEMENT. Realibility: It is the ability of a system to provide constitency in performance. Systems are supposed have minimal break downs to enable efficiency. For instance, watter systems should have minimal breakdown to enable continous water supply. Consistency: A system should provide similar results at any given time. Disparities in results try to suggest a system need updates.

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Project maagers should submit systems that try to solve the problem at hand. Compliteness: It is the activity of ensuring all aspects of the system are included. These aspects include; personnel training, performnce, functionality among others. It is a check on how a system try to match the objectives and concept of the project. PURPOSE OF QUALITY MANAGEMENT. QUALITY ASSURANCE. Quality assurance is the scope in which project manager try to give assurance to stakeholders to deliver quality sytems that meeet both organisational and target audience needs. Managers try to control resources and keep on updating processes to match objectives. Perfect assesment inrelation to progress of project determine the output of project. This process binds the project manager to ethos of having a quality system.

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Besides law, budget inrelation to quality is considered. The levl of expenditure should be at per with the quality of the system. An organisation cannot overspend on a system then produce a faulty programme. Project quality assurance cannot be done by internal project mangers but external auditors can be used. External auditors try to analyse the system and give report on the progress towards quality delivery. At this point the materials to be used in the project. Furthermore, it gives scope of the process to take while tackling the project. Do: This involves implementation of the project. At this stage project managers actualise the objectives of the organisation. Check: Projector try to evaluate the quality of the output of the project.

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The basic goal of quality control is to asses the quality of project output as per objectives. Beneficiaries and stakeholders list their desired goals and requirements that project managers need to meet. We try to focus on what the project is expected to give to end users. This thematic of project management focus on budget, management and schedule. Project managers try to figure out the cost of the project, its raw materials and the end product. Early recognition of flaws try to curb any possible expenses. Readjustments on processes and procedures help to get quality product. Quality control tries to solicit procedures and try to see if they move towards the set objectives of quality. Control charts try to focus on processes and outputs.

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They are graphical charts that try to control flaws rather than detecting them. These steps are identification,analyzation, developing and testing. Identification is the process of pointing out the areas you want to improve on. At times not the whole system or prodyuct that nneeds to bee adjustment but certain areas. Analyzation help to come up with a detailed report on why those areas should be improved. You identiify the problem and give reasons why that certain area should be improved. Improving quality at each stage and process try to get a quality product rather than improving it at the delivery point. CONCLUSION. Project managemet cycle is an incremental procedure of tryingto get quality product. Each step of the project aim at meeting stakeholders and target audience needs.

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